Jan 31, 2015

16 Healthy Body/Toxic Mind “if you’re not careful”

Eat healthy; it is tooted from pillar to post, from north to south, east to west, high and low. We are bombarded with best practices and gym owners and personal trainers are making a mint on our zest to eat right and exercise. But what of our minds and the insidious little ways we undermine, sabotage and contaminated it?

It is not enough to be mindful of what you put in your mouth in order to secure your health and body you must also be mindfully diligent about what you allow to feed your mind, impact your spirit and penetrate your soul. Just as certain foods & excessive amounts of the wrong choices can be poisonous to your body and health; so to can malicious people if you are not discerning and protective of your psyche (emotional and psychological being). Some people are just plain toxic and are just as dangerous and as devastating to your health. They can quite literally make you sick.

Be courageous enough to listen to your instincts about what you see, what you experience and what you feel and do the necessary cauterizing just as you would eliminate foods that are not good for you. If not, you are wilfully contaminating your being in preference of being liked, accepted all to the detriment of you.

Don’t be a participant in your own hurt, embarrassment, humiliation, shame and destruction, be accountable for you. It is not up to others to accept you; it is up to you to accept you.

True acceptance starts within and if you having a hard time with that, you got work to do. Get to working on you. You are worth the sacrifice required to experience true happiness, acceptance and love.


What good is a “great” body if your mind and spirit is a putrid sewer of toxic stew?


By all means be healthy, just nurture your mind, spirit and body simultaneously; there should never be a choice.

Be the love that you need and don't be afraid to make the tough choices by eliminating that which is poisonous to your being.

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  1. You are so very wise. I wish I could remember this all the time.

    1. Thank you.
      Life lessons are always important, to forget is to repeat the same mistakes and experience the same pain only worst for it is in that moment you remember the lesson, when its too late to stop the train from crossing the tracks.

      We are human hence flawed, we live and if we are wise, hopefully learn..

  2. Well said.One should feed one's mind with good thoughts as one would feed his body with good food to stay healthy.A putrid mind is more dangerous than an ailing body.

  3. Right thinking & right attitudes are as important as healthy food and a disciplined life style.Pursue your dreams and fill your mind with good thoughts ! Be kind,compassionate,loving,helpful & supportive.

  4. You are very right. I am actually extremely cautious of the people I surround myself with. Extremely!!!

    1. As should we all. Good for you, wisdom indeed flows through you.

  5. When you boil it down it comes down to a couple of old sayings. "To thy own self be true", and "You are your own worst enemy". That's all I got except for the snow. Do you need any snow?

    1. Oh yeah, i believe that, sometimes we are our own saboteur and we often hide ourselves from ourselves in preference for what is societally acceptable.

  6. The mind is a powerful tool, so I have learnt to guard mine selfishly..... Some relationships, family members, friends and colleagues are toxic

    1. Yes, very, i won't say selfishly rather I'd say wisely. The wisdom is necessary to avoiding the toxicity.

  7. Your always light things. I will be thinking to not right was are...
    Be Crazy, Not Stupid, Don be Silly, Be Weird, Don't be Whatever,
    because life is to short to be anything But happy life to be now with me.
    You have a nice day!

    1. Its always good to consider things before doing them, some may say "what's the fun in that, its boring and not spontaneous." I say thinking things through isn't a negatetor to fun nor is spontaneity a guarantee one will have fun.

  8. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Excellent and very useful post. We should have a healthy mind in a healthy body. To achieve this we have to eat healthy food and read and think good things.

    In real world we see many fast food giants doing extremely well by selling unhealthy food and we also have many books and movies which are not good for the mind. But some how people flock to these things without even thinking about the harmful effects.

    Yesterday, in a fast food restaurant I saw two young men eating five boiled eggs each. Normally here in Kochi many youngster leave out the yolk . But these two people were eating the yolk too.For these two people taste is more important than health.

    Keep spreading the good message.

    Best wishes

    1. Good points, i think we are all subject to bouts of indulgences that may not necessary be the best for us, what's important is that we become aware and proactive about eliminate those things that are not good/healthy for us. Easier said than done of course, but there is a saying, "nothing worth having comes easy."

      Thanks for the enlightening perspective.


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