Jan 3, 2015

24 Adapt A New Attitude-Dare to live transparently

We live in a society that seems to encourage the disparagement of others. One of the biggest culprits is the media, television entertainment/news, magazines etc and how we participate and perpetuate voluntarily and involuntarily when we knowingly partake loving the salacious gossip and critical teardowns in the workplace, clubs, coffee shops, homes etc. When we purchase/burrow, read those malicious tidbits then compound the problem by going to the various social media platforms/blogs (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Digg, Tumble, Wordpress, Blogger etc,) to propagate the nasty toxic behavior that unfortunately has now become the norm. Yet we are surprised and horrified at the escalation of bullying taking on new and gruesome dimensions in the cyber world and it’s disheartening consequence. People who salivate at the power given by “Anonymity” behind fake names and profiles like gossip rags with their “close source,” to the person’s character they are maliciously maligning and attempting to destroy with“freedom of speech.”

In this new year, let us adapt a new attitude and dare to stand up for what is right, not because it would gain us points and popularity but because if the shoe were on the other foot and we were being maligned, harassed and bullied we would want someone to champion us and dare to rise up and take a stand on our behalf. Let us dare to NOT participate in gossip. Let us dare to speak directly to the ones we feel is offending/offended us. Let us dare to be transparent in how we think, reason, behave and deal with people. Let us dare to live a life with personal integrity even if it means standing outside the “inner circle.”

“It is easy to criticize others, to list their faults. However, before casting aspersions, first take a look at self before condemning anyone else.”—DBS.Rhapsody

It would benefit us all ….

“Be careful of the seeds you sew because you may not like the harvest of consequences it yields.”—DSBS.Rhapsody

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