Dec 7, 2014

16 Life is what you think it?

Life is what you think.


It certainly brings to mind a myriad of mind boggling befuddling questions, implications and ramifications.


The Happiness Hypothesis” by Johathan Haidt made me think, not only on the surface of things but beneath things, deep in the core of things.

Do we create our own experiences? Hmmmmm….

I have to give some more thought to this concept.

Stay with me while I pontificate (sound off)….

I certainly agree to a degree as I can see the merits of this hypothesis as an adult. However, I question its premise as it applies to (children) the child I was who experienced things way beyond my control or thought processes, before I was cognoscente and conscious of being.

I suppose therein lays my resistance as I don’t believe that children in their age of innocence are responsible for what is visited upon them by adults.

Though…. I do agree that….

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind.” --Johathan Haidt


Maybe therein is the answer….Our thoughts,

While we may not be responsible for some of what happens to us, how we think of those experiences as it pertains to how we see ourselves, how we feel about ourselves, how we think of ourselves and whether or not we allow those things/experiences to determine our self-worth, our value, to impact our self-esteem that affects the way we love, honor and accept ourselves is the key.


How wonderfully liberating and simultaneously horrendously terrifying the reality of that concept is, how many of you out there believe that to be true?

Are we as a society, as individuals ready or willing to believe, acknowledge, consider or even give voice to the possibility that we are, each of us implicitly responsible for our lives and  the challenges, trials & tribulations that inevitable shape it?

Are we willing to embrace that, and if so, then what?

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