Jul 4, 2014


You know life sometimes can be plagued with inconsideration and challenges that teach you every day the value of picking your battles, today was no exception. Instead of going into a long drawn out story allow me to use well-oiled sarcasm to convey my points.

Thank you…

To the woman smoking this morning at the bus stop that blew smoke in my direction and left me smelling like I just finished 5 hours of intensive bar hopping, thank you, I just love going to work first thing in the morning smelling like cheap tobacco. Who wouldn't love smelling like eau de toilette smoke? Thank God for my two feet that allowed me to move away briskly.

To the man on the bus that greeted me ever so graciously with a swift jab in my side with his bag, thank you, the only thing that made the experience better was the continued incessant digging every time the bus moved or pulled to a sudden stop. I really appreciated the acknowledgement of your caresses; one always loves knowing they are loved. My requests to please remove your bag clearly fell on deaf ears, luckily for me, there was just enough room for me to strategically maneuverer myself away from you.

To the young man in the back of the bus loudly playing his mp3, thank you for generously sharing your music with me. I basked in the lyrical content of bitches, whores, thugs and money aggressively delivered, such sweet music first thing in the morning mellowed me right out. I only wished you could have turned up the volume a little louder so that the driver could have had the opportunity to share and enjoy my wonderful experience; after all, I was merely seated 2 seats behind him enjoying your music.

Last but certainly not least to the woman on the train drinking pop and smacking her lips loudly after every sip, interrupted only by your sweet melodious burps, thank you ever so kindly for that experience your dinning etiquette is simply superb. The only blessing through that experience was the joy of knowing I will never have the disturbing pleasure of dinning with you.

You all made my morning just splendid, may I never have the unfortunate pleasure of encountering you all again.

Hope you all had a nice day and you encountered others with as much consideration and mindfulness of others as you demonstrated today.


  1. heya, thanx for the comment! Yeah, i guess it took me a while and yet i always knew. i find it hard to try make some of my friends understand it when they’re going through a rough time, weird how complex something can be when the complexities build around you even though the key is so simple.

    hmmmm,wow, i like your writing styles, take no heed to the clearly one track minded PC addicted, blogless geek who clearly blogs none to prevent returning hate mail. You are truly creative and expressive.

    Though I believe something you said to me should hold true the next time you have a day like this – "…owning your own power."

    no one will stand up for you unless you say something, the people that love you will stand by your side when they can and help you fight your demons, but the little battles like these are to wage your own and i think in your case perhaps the biggest part of the battle is growing past that fear to stand to the fight and simply ask for what is fair to you?

    To the woman smoking: "could you please put that out, or would you mind blowing it in the other direction or standing downwind so we both get what we want?"

    To the man on the bus : "could you please move your bag you are hurting me?"or in his case something stronger and more …’colourful’

    to the guy on the MP3 i’m gonna have to say that by the time you asked for what you wanted and got it the first two times you probably would have felt empowered enough to =think of your own solution or be happy enough to put up with it.

    And i kinda thing seeing as how i’m normally one of the people listening to loud music (though not of offensive nature) it probably would be hypocritical of me to take suite on the bandwagon for that one.

    But the points is the same, choose your own battles yes, but stand to the ones we don’t choose…after all, is it not true that even victory in the smallest battles can build us strength to win the war?

    Thanks again for the comment

    1. Insightful, thanks for stopping by and contributing to the dialog.
      You are welcome

  2. yup, some people are really mannerless, they need a kick or two to be set straight.

    1. hmmmm.....
      at times i am tempted to do just that, however cooler heads prevail as i must think of the consequence to myself.

      thanks for stopping by.

  3. Nicely done and humorously shared . . .

    1. Thank you, how you been? What you up to these days? I imagine you have settled in your new job and familiar with things now.


  4. Good Morning,

    Yes, it is unfortunate that many live in their selfish, self-centered, worlds. But we refuse to change in thinking about others and their needs.

    Have a pleasant weekend,
    Greg Sr.

    1. Yeah, unfortunately its a flaw many share.
      good to read from you, how you been?

  5. The more we travel into the digital age the more people become isolated in their own little worlds. Humans can be a selfish lot.

    1. hmmmmm, you think the digital age is to blame?
      I suppose there may be some merit in your analysis.

  6. Love, love, love the "sarcasm'. You did this so well, wish I could do it like this. I have been called sarcastic many times, but this is so very well done and to the point, I love it! Great post, my friend.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and, I hope you had a good 4th of July.

    1. Blessings and thank you, you are always so generous with your praises. i accept them all humbly. For us (Canadians) its July 1st. I trust you had a fabulous fourth?

  7. I so like your sarcasm!
    Happy July 4th!

  8. I think when I had my time of yours!
    No form of abuse is a allowed everyone is entitled to their point of view (pov) as I all see and anticulate the world differently,I respect share from yours.
    Thank you for coming to see me.
    We has raining for more then one month already with cold winter time.
    Have a nice day!

    1. You are welcome as always.
      thank you for coming and sharing your thoughts
      i trust by now the rain has slowed up a bit?

  9. Sarcasm so nicely done. Props, sister! Hope you never have such an experience ever again. Funny...I was in Canada recently and took the train into central Toronto. That woman smacking her lips could have been me. Does that mean you won't consider dinning with me at the CN Tower, next time I'm in town? lol.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    1. Thanks....
      then if it was you i am sure you felt the cut of meh eye!
      do you know i have never been to the CN Tower?

  10. Aww, sorry about your experience. Etiquette is so easy to learn, but why we don't learn it baffles me.

    1. mmmmm, that's the beauty of free will and choice, we can exercise our free will to be willful, rude and unkind.

  11. Omg Rhapsody, you couldn't have described it better. You made me laugh so much in how you described your experience. Its sad how oblivious & narcissistic people can be. You are an amazing women & don't h forget it.


    1. Laughter is good for the soul Jos...i hope it did your body good.
      Thank you. I will keep that in mind.


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