Jul 4, 2014


You know life sometimes can be plagued with inconsideration and challenges that teach you every day the value of picking your battles, today was no exception. Instead of going into a long drawn out story allow me to use well-oiled sarcasm to convey my points.

Thank you…

To the woman smoking this morning at the bus stop that blew smoke in my direction and left me smelling like I just finished 5 hours of intensive bar hopping, thank you, I just love going to work first thing in the morning smelling like cheap tobacco. Who wouldn't love smelling like eau de toilette smoke? Thank God for my two feet that allowed me to move away briskly.

To the man on the bus that greeted me ever so graciously with a swift jab in my side with his bag, thank you, the only thing that made the experience better was the continued incessant digging every time the bus moved or pulled to a sudden stop. I really appreciated the acknowledgement of your caresses; one always loves knowing they are loved. My requests to please remove your bag clearly fell on deaf ears, luckily for me, there was just enough room for me to strategically maneuverer myself away from you.

To the young man in the back of the bus loudly playing his mp3, thank you for generously sharing your music with me. I basked in the lyrical content of bitches, whores, thugs and money aggressively delivered, such sweet music first thing in the morning mellowed me right out. I only wished you could have turned up the volume a little louder so that the driver could have had the opportunity to share and enjoy my wonderful experience; after all, I was merely seated 2 seats behind him enjoying your music.

Last but certainly not least to the woman on the train drinking pop and smacking her lips loudly after every sip, interrupted only by your sweet melodious burps, thank you ever so kindly for that experience your dinning etiquette is simply superb. The only blessing through that experience was the joy of knowing I will never have the disturbing pleasure of dinning with you.

You all made my morning just splendid, may I never have the unfortunate pleasure of encountering you all again.

Hope you all had a nice day and you encountered others with as much consideration and mindfulness of others as you demonstrated today.

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