Jun 23, 2014

14 NO “It has Worth & Power”

See No Evil 2, 7/6/07, 2:24 PM,  8C, 5800x3235 (19+2512), 100%, Gustafson a3,  1/30 s, R75.0, G58.7, B79.7<br />NO.

It’s not a bad word.

Have you ever heard it?

Has it been spoken to you?

Can you speak it?

Can you mean it?

Can you teach it?

Can you respect it?

Can you stand hearing it?

Can you see it?

Can you forgive it?

Can you honor it?

Can you understand it?

Do you know when to use it?

Can you be satisfied with it?

Can you live with it?


It’s important

It has its value

It has its place,

It is not a tool by which you take your measure

It is not a tool by which you determine their worth

It is a word meant to teach

It is a word in its brief abruptness, expands the communicative expressions, if one is listening


It is not a bad thing

It is not a bad word to know.

It has its worth

It has its power

Learn the importance of NO.

Understand the power of NO

Get familiar with it,

Learn how to use it

When to use it

Why to use it, in the appropriate time in the appropriate way

Use it to empower

Use it to enlighten

Use it to honor

Use it strengthen

Use it to grow

Use it to learn how to hear, how to listen, how to pay attention to the unspoken


It’s not a bad thing.

It has its worth and power

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