Jun 13, 2014

10 HIV a cure for Cancer? Fire with Fire

Fire-with-FireHIV as a cure for cancer? Wow, this is scary powerful.....


Doctor's uses HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) as a cure for cancer. Terminally ill patients with no other treatment options opt to participate in this new experiment using the HIV virus. The HIV virus is engineered so that it cannot cause diseases anymore but retains its ability to reprogram the immune system so that it will attack cancer cells. The new modified immune cells the doctors call "serial killer cells." The serial killer cells then kills off the cancerous tumour cells.

Wow talk about turning a negative into a positive! See the short film below. Also here is a link to the article:
Doctor's Inject HIV into a little girl dying of cancer. She lives!

Controversial right, but can one deny another's right to live?


  1. This was quite remarkable Rhapsody! It's radical thinking but that's what it takes sometimes. I don't know how you found this but nice job! I really like a post that can make you stop and think. It's so much better than banal stuff like "...then I went to the market and got a good buy on asparagus."
    Thanks for your visit.

    1. It is that's for sure, this is cutting edge innovative medicine, absolute radical thinking.

  2. I has Breast conserving surgery in my righ hand face for ten years ago.
    Some how I don't wan't tolking about now or writting of my cancer.
    More my life for working hard in mylife.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Talking about health challenges can be difficult. Congratulations on beating the big "C"

  3. This reminds me of an episode of Grey's Anatomy where Doctor Bailey reengineered the HIV Virus to build the immune system of a dying boy...guess there is more to the HIV Virus than meets the eye.

    1. Actually that story is in fact this little girl's story. Amazing right

  4. Now that's out of the box thinking and quite remarkable. Hadn't heard about this before. Thanks for enlightening me Rhaspody. Have a great day!

    1. Absolutely out of the box right? Didn't see that coming.
      YOu are much welcomed.

  5. This is very thought provoking, Rhapsody. Thanks for sharing and educating us on what is going on.

    Just stopping in to say hello and to wish you a wonderful weekend.

    1. Yes it is....
      Knowledge is power though and a little goes a long way....
      Obviously this doctor an out of the box thinker Wanda says and risks taker. The same can be said for the doctors that invented the polio vaccine!


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