Apr 30, 2014

28 Excuse Me

Something you never meant to do,

Made my jealous side burst through.

Angry words, sneering remarks,

A thought to hurt filled my heart.

It’s hard to watch your dreams come true,

With someone else living them out for you.

A simple truth explains it all-

I built a home and watched it fall.

 You’ve had somebody by your side;

I’ve been alone at night and cried.

Thinking of all the things I miss,

Needing a hug, a word, a kiss.

Sometimes I can’t stop feeling sad,

Remembering so many things I had-

Even the love I want to show

No longer has a place to go.

 I didn’t prepare for things to end.

My path was straight without a bend.

I thought my future was all planned,

But now alone again I stand.

I never knew I’d have to start

A different dream inside my heart,

Or dam the feeling, deny I care,

And find another’s love to share.

 Excuse me if I cast you villain,

If I ladle out the blame.

Excuse me for expressing anger

As I pass around my pain.

It’s still me, though I seem a stranger-

Another time I’ll be myself again.   

Poem from .....Healing Hearts: Helping Children and Adults Recover from Divorce by Elizabeth Hickey, Elizabeth Dalton

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