Feb 2, 2013

42 Manners-Please, cover yuh damn mouth

Observation, pet peeves, grievances, I haven’t written anything on these subject matters in a while. Why because I was trying to be all Zen, stay all philosophical, on the righteous path sailing blissfully on a positive vibe. You get my drift however my mood has been altered slightly by a trend I’ve been subjected to-people yawning in your face without putting their hands over their mouths. I encounter this daily in my commute to and from work, on the trains, in the buses and in the streetcars and this last Friday was no exception. Thus, I am annoyed. Hence, I got to keep it real and let loose of the negative energy infiltrating my system in the form of annoyance. This shit is just bugging my ass and frankly I got to vent or else I will tell somebody off and more than likely it will not be pretty, delicate or quiet.

Tell me, what is so hard about raising your hand and covering your mouth when you are yawning? hmmmm? What is so hard about that? Can somebody tell me? huh? I mean....For the Love of all that is Divine & Holy! Why can’t/won’t people cover their damn mouths when they yawn! I do not care if they use a foot, a hand, a bag, somebody else’s hand, turn their face to the wall, in a book, whatever, just cover your damn mouths.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand it’s a free world and I can certainly appreciate that people can and will do, what they want, when they want, how they want, but for pete's sakes don't forcibly subject me to it. I don’t care to see inside anyone’s mouth. Frankly I have no bloody desire to see down their blasted throats! Neither do I wait with bated breath to see their nasty-ass black, red blistered, white patched tongues, jacked up teeth with a million black fillings and teeth so yellow and caked with plague that it rivals cheddar cheese!

It does not make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside by the sight of the endless array of fillings looking like black lava holes in your faces.

Neither do I desire to see your tonsils, or tongues, that either heavily spotted with black spots, seriously coated with some heavy white overlaid of whatever.

And I most definitely have no earthly wish to smell funky toxic breath that not only threatens to singe the hair off my face, but also to droop my eyes lashes and blister my eyes making them burn till they water

I am not a physician, ENT specialist or a Dentist! So please people spare me! and ...Please! Please! Please! For mercy's sake, put cover your mouths when you yawn!

What’s your pet peeve?

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