Feb 13, 2013


Are you lonesome when the parades start the season, lights adorn the trees and dwelling places

Are you lonesome when people chatter of parties and family get-togethers,

Are you lonesome when the priest announces the feast and the choir sings in glee

Are you lonesome when shoppers mob the streets to buy gifts and glorify their wares

Are you lonesome when the birds stop tweeting and squirrels are no longer playing

Ants and worms have cocooned themselves into the deeper earth, The racoons have gone into hiding

Are you lonesome? I am not.


The moon and the stars have bade goodbye; the sun is a far cry

The sea is calm and white, the wind sighs and hoots

Leaves, young and old fall and perish

Clouds don’t bother to show up

 All colours gone from the face of the earth

Are you lonesome? I am not.


I laugh when people laugh

I smile before anyone smiles

I love the innocence of kids, and feel their warmth when they hug

I give away what I need the most

I cherish every happy moment, and cleanse every evil thought


As I breathe, I serve- God and mankind

So much to do in so little a time

I have no room for lonesome

And neither should you.


Written by Marie Judy Devadawson

photo from www.multinivelunefon.com 

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