Jan 4, 2013


Every once in a while one must cocoon in seclusion,

Away from the wondering eyes,

The prying sighs,

The judgmental smiles,

The external uttering’s,

From the this and the that;

The he said, she said

The demanders,

The beggars,

The constant naggers,

The nay sayers,

The players,

The meddlers,

The malice perpetrators,

The prolific advisors,

If only but for a moment...

To hear oneself think!

To truly understand what one believes outside of influences.

To access the center of ones being,

To dwell in the place of silence, solitude and tranquility...

In order to find clarity and assurance.

To Affirm and Reaffirm,

To Connect and Re-connect

With the Divine,

With Self,

To understand purpose;

And to bask in the knowledge that one's feet is still firmly planted.


Silence is golden

Solitude is grace

And a necessary escape

For one to find their place


D.S.B. Rhapsody ©All Rights Reserved.

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