Oct 15, 2012


October 20, 2005, A day to remember; I found beauty in age and remembrance of lessons forgotten as I met elegance, refinement and loveliness, in other words Grace in an old lady.
At 91, her carriage is erect, her steps proud, eyes sparkle,
Speaking wonderfully of the life that runs through her, in her, surrounding her,
She lives.
Having long moved pass surviving
She lives,
Traveling the world with a ferocious appetite & courage,
She lives.
Her smile touches the eyes and catapult inside,
Hinting at the girl she once were
A wealth of history,
A succulent life story,
Spoken with pride
Devoid of bitterness or regret
She carries with her... peace.
Her laughter, rich seemingly untouched by life’s contemptuousness
She relays a little of her story
Her ventures from South Africa to Europe to Canada
She lives with light, Hope, Laughter, Love, Courage, adventure
With an eye on the future joyously anticipating her next escapade
At 91, she is strong, vibrant as sweet as you please, fully geared with all her faculties
Not at all shy to speak her age, she takes it all in grace
At 91, she has not slowed her pace
She lives.

My bus arrived and I had to go. I left, but not before a warm embrace taking some of her grace with me. Hoping I live as she lives, in all our time of talk, I was so enraptured, I didn't catch her name but I definitely caught the lesson. Besides, I am sure by God's grace, I will see her again.

It’s not about surviving, surviving is living in the past, it’s about living, being happy, not letting fear control you, dictate your thoughts, hinder your steps. It’s remembering that despite what life throws your way, you must continue to live.

Last Update:
I found out later through a very silly conversation with a young woman (I often see around my neighbourhood) that evovled into me relaying my story of my old lady friend only to find out it was her grandmother . Isn't that a some coincedence? I recently met the granddaughter and I found out her grandmother (my graceful swan) passed at 95. May the good Lord bless her soul.
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