Jul 7, 2012


Life is a paradox

Systole and diastole.
It's a sequence of experiences with complex fluctuations.
It can be breathtakingly suburb,
Hellishly masticating,
Sensuously intoxicating,
Atrociously devastating
It is a maelstrom combination of
The good;
The bad,
The sublime;
The ridiculous,
The ugly;
The elegant,
The love;
The hate,
The passion;
The Indifference,
The lessons;
The warnings,
The ideology;
The depravity
All eloquently intertwined,
Exposing our humanity
Constantly exigent,
Taxing the psyche,
Vacillating confidence;
Threatening to dismantle hard earned faith,
Courage and dignity
Life is a paradox;
A complex harmony of realities,
Juxtapose in a melodic symphony to maintain sanity
I wrote this piece in 2005 based on my life experiences and observations and other people’s experiences that were shared with me or witnessed by me. You know what I have discovered, that it all of it still holds true as evidence by my experiences since and for the past few months and weeks. It has been a roller-coaster ride of the entire above poem.
Am I still sane, the answer is a resounding yes though not without battle scares peppering my psyche. The good news? I am still capable of deep soulful laughter, can still create heart rendering songs from my spirit, see the blessings in everyday in spite of the challenges that come my way and I can still respond, “I am blessed,” when asked, “how are you,” and mean it.
My recommendation to you when life takes you on a journey you neither signed up for or want? Hold on, keep the faith, keep your head up, keep getting up, keep pushing through and forward and continuously be like air and rise every single time your knees buckle regardless of and in spite of.
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