May 6, 2012


If the walls had ears it would be besieged by the joys and woes of the world, caught in the unpredictable abyss of the combined reverberating vibrations of emotions and impressions crying out in joy and agony vaulting simultaneously and tirelessly toward it. It would quake from the harmonious/disharmonious discord in unison vying for attention, to be heard, acknowledged, validated, selected as primary, superior, Omnipotent, being granted preferential treatment over all others, things, situations, circumstances. It would beseech the most high, the Divine master for a reprieve, permission to bask in its once state purpose of staying roofs, holding frames for doors/cabinetry, creating partitions for rooms, fireplaces, stores, buildings, looking pretty, strong, sophisticated, demure, demolished, polished, lacquered, crackled, stucco, in a colourful rays of grays, browns, reds, greens, pinks, blacks, purples, mauves, and all the shades in-between the betweens happily resigned to its stagnancy stoically submissive to the will of owners, renters and inspectors. To make no choices, to function solely for the purpose for which it is made, to transform only into itself, as it is meant to be, should be, ought to be with no desire to be anything other than it is, a wall, with no ears to hear, to simply be content with being a wall, as is, with no function beyond its intentioned.

walls3 walls walls4 walls2

Mindfulness Thought:

To be all that one is intended to be is a blessing.

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