Apr 22, 2012


It is that time again. Time to trim my BLOGROLL. Reminds me of my MSN SPACES blog when I often had to trim my friends list.

Today while doing my blog stroll through bloggersville I noticed a lot of bloggers have fallen off the grid without notice. I got may ERROR messages and links to I CAN’T FIND MY BLOG-WHY. Though a bit disappointed I just have to go with the flow thanking those that elected to stop blogging for their time, thoughts and shared experiences and clean up my blogroll.

http://davidfooks.com/farewell-invitation/Like life, bloggers come and go and all we can do is remember the lessons, debates and laughter with genuine appreciation for their presence however temporary.

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt thus far is, “you cannot hold onto people that do not want to be held.” It is a simplified way of saying, “Help me help you.”

Farwell calligraphy by David Fooks

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