Feb 10, 2012


When I learn to treat myself well, I won’t accept anything less than the best. Doing so allows me to understand what being mistreated is.
When I understand myself. I am better able to express, articulate and clarify my wishes. It allows me to recognize when I am understood and misunderstood.
When I make sure that I take care of my needs, it allows me courage not to allow myself to be coerced into self-neglect.
When I give to myself that, which I desire from others, I can identify when I am getting what I want.
When I love myself completely with honesty and integrity, I am able to keep it real and honour myself in all things. It allows for a continuity of self-advocacy even when it seats me uncomfortably.
When I accept me, as I am, with all my flaws, imperfections and idiosyncrasies, it matters little who does not, and makes those who do, all the more a blessing.
I set the standard for how I will and am treated
Written by D.S.B. Rhapsody, All Rights Reserved.
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