Jan 22, 2012

18 Entrepreneurial? Self-Conversation, Vomit Shower

Yonge & Dundas in TorontoSAM_3064


What’s your take on an enterprising person? I sometimes observe some things that simply make me wonder. Here SAM_3063SAM_3066sits this dude, Caucasian, late twenties to mid thirties about 155-170 lbs, he seems in fairly good health yet here he established himself on the corner of Dundas and Yonge opposite Dundas Square in minus 9 cold, windy, freezing weather with 3 buckets (2 to drum on and 1 to collect the money) and a symbol beating a sometimes rhythmic melody that at time flowed into jumbled off beat rhythms – am guessing cause his hands get tired and I ask myself is this entrepreneurial? Is this enterprising? What are your thoughts?

Loud Self-Conversation

She practically bounced in the train a slight giggle on her lips, her full figure body tightly clad in black as she slammed herself down in the seat beside me. My bag sitting next to me on my right pushed slightly into my side from the momentum of her sitting. I remained silent. My bag was feather light no real harm was done; apart from the few moments it took to note her appearance and feel her oomph as she sat I was unphased by her and returned to my reading. Shortly after however I began to hear short snatches of rumbling and grumbling burst conversations. I looked up slightly to my right and realized she was talking to herself. My awareness peeked I split my attention between my book and her attentive to any sudden escalation in her tone and behaviour that would signal to me its time to move.

Beneath my eyes I observed her, she was young between 19-23, she wasn’t too heavily made up and she didn’t emit any foul odour except for the sporadic burst of self-talk she seemed ok. Fifteen minutes into the ride it became evident that I would have to move as she became increasingly unstable as she began to shout, “jelly beans,” and she would giggle, “I love the carebears,” snort, snort, and giggle. By the time we reached Victoria Park subway I knew I had to move immediately because she just bust out laughing so loudly that I jumped inwardly. I was uneasy. I looked at her, she rocked back and forth laughing and her eyes seemed a bit glassy. I got up gently as the doors were about to open as if I were about to leave and simply walked seven seats down away from her. In a small prayer I pray that she’d be ok and that I’d be safe and return to my reading though remained alert.

Vomit Shower (Observation of my daughter and her friend Blue)

They boarded the blue night bus 3 am in the morning. The club was jumping and they were tired but happy from partying all night. The bus was a bit packed from partiers alike. They managed to secure a spot half-way down the bus when an inebriated gentleman boarded the bus. He swayed precariously. He stunk of alcohol and belched loudly that signalled to my daughter that all was not well. She looked at him cautiously and heard him say to himself, “I don’t feel so good;” My daughter shook her friend Blue and whispered, “lets move to the back,” he of course not understanding her reasoning began to argue but she quickly shut him up with a sharp shout of his name and they both moved to the back of the bus. There they were able to procure two seats.

The inebriated gentleman now seated was behind a young couple. They were engrossed in conversation when suddenly the inebriated man began to vomit and vomited on top of the young man’s head bathing and the rest of his body in vomit. The girlfriend started crying and screaming eeeeww. Everyone on the bus made an oooh in unison and the young man in shock and anger jumped up swearing, “what the fuck, what the fuck, oh fuck,” and angrily punched the drunken man and shoved him out the bus. The bus driver blissfully unaware was alerted to the incident by the shouts and screms and immediately put the bus out of service calling in the incident. He locked himself inside the cubicle and refused to come out, exclaiming, “oh this is nasty shit, oh yuck, get somebody out here!” he shouted into the phone.. “ Oh Lord bring a change of clothes for the poor man, Oh! Shit! “Sir what size do you wear?” he shouted to the man from his driver’s seat. “oh shit! This is nasty!”

The young man was furious beyond words his girlfriend who got some bits and pieces of vomit from the spew just kept crying and going eeeew, eeeeew while my daughter and her friend Blue cringed in the back of the bus and tried not to regurgitate themselves from the sight of it all. Blue was thankful she bullied him to move.

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