Nov 2, 2011


Cloudy Day in June (5)Sometimes in life there are no obvious solutions other than taking things one day at a time and from moment to moment.

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  1. A beautiful sentiment and photograph, working well together! Good work Ms Rhapsody!

  2. One day at a time is my philosophy in life. Otherwise, I couldn’t make it.

  3. This is so true. In this day and age when everything is fast paced and just crazy, it is just good advise and a smart thing to slow down and take a moment to smell the roses and live in the moment.

  4. So very true.. Being in the now in the moment brings truth..
    Nice post

  5. Amen! This is so true.

  6. That’s how I live…I make few plans. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not so good.

  7. Have you copyrighted your blog’s poetry and pithy sayings, Rhaps? IIIIIIIIIIIInteresting

    hope u & yours r doing well



  8. I am almost constantly planning activities for the future, short, medium and longer term.
    Sometimes everything seems overwelming and I have a hard time picking out the right thing to focus on.
    That’s when I apply the day to day and moment to moment approach, it’s a great tool to take a "time out" and regroup one’s thoughts.
    It’s nice to have contemplative friends to remind me of the good thoughts, thank you.
    Hugs from Alaska

  9. Beautiful and true quote sis! I follow the philosphy of being slow and steady. I know with patience I will reach my goals.

  10. One day at at time, moment by moment…..


  11. I’m telling you…I have lived by those words, "Just one day at a time."

    Have a fabulous Wednesday my friend,

  12. Sometimes, the best thing you can do it just give it time. Works wonders for me!!

  13. Hello! It’s so bright and cheery here :)

    Have a great day! Just wanted to stop by for a quick visit.

    Take care,

  14. Yet another great quote that I’ll have to memorize. You know that I do "Cryptics" (quotes from prolific folk), so, don’t be surprised if one day when your words have graced my page. Peace.

  15. One day at a time is the rule I live by, otherwise I might become a raving lunatic.

    The photo is gorgeous!

  16. @ Rosanna, J, Beth, Ms, Barb, Trendy, Joycelee, Richard, Thank you all.

    @ Kuskulana: I don't know about planning every moment, sounds exhausting, understandable that you get overwhelmed, am overwhelmed just picturing the idea of planning every moment.

    @ TruEssence, yeah gurl slow and steady is my pace though at times i do want to speed things up a bit.

    @Tenthltr2u sometimes moment to moment is all you can do.

    @ Greg, I'd say its a good motto to live by.

    @ Michelle, I think wonders is what we all strive for.

    @ Christina I like keeping a positive space, nough negatives out there.

  17. @The Thats quite a compliment thank you. I won't be, just give credit and link back and its all good.

  18. @Luciano truth is what i aim for though my humanness sometimes stand in the way.

    @Beth Raving huh, well now we don't want that so please do take it one day at a time, for all our sakes and yours...hehe.

  19. we used to said Nobody know for next year but lately we don't know for tomorrow that in uncertain world we lived.
    You have a nice day.

  20. Yes the perfect recipe for peace and tranquility ! Don't worry your head out about things & events over which you have no control. Enjoy this moment, live in the present. Do not let the future pre-occupy your mind too much !
    The clouds look so peaceful & tranquil as your mind should be :)

  21. @prism of an immigrant yeah, we need only to be consistant and hold to it and all will be alright.

    @Tonilicious sometimes simple is the most complex.

    @Michiko that's very true.

    @R.Ramakrishnan I'd say it is though at times it can be challenging to maintain the philosophy.

  22. Very lovely and something we all need to try to remember when life hands us challenges.

  23. Thank you like the saying...JUST ONE DAY AT A TIME.......truly miss how ae you doing?........recently renewed my subscription since it expired over a month ago......hence my was deliberate......wanting to check my addiction to the net.....hehehehhee..yep! it worked....

  24. So very true words of Wisdom, Sheila


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