Oct 9, 2011

33 Stop The Excuses - (Repost-Heeding my own words)

“Am Too Busy”
Stop the excuses
Make the time
Take the time
To share
To care
Friends and family won’t always be there
Am too busy is not good enough
Time won’t stop while you gather stuff
Days, weeks, and months are passing
All the while you don’t know what you’re missing
Too busy dismissing
Putting off things until …
Until when?
Are you really that dense you think life will stand still?
Stop the excuses
Enough already!
Stay connected
Nobody likes to feel rejected
It leaves all negatively affected
So you got to run and you can’t stay
That’s ok…
Reality eats up the time to play
It’s simple,
Actually really uncomplicated
Just make the time count when you’re there
The moments will convey that you care
Be present …
Don’t let you mind roam here there and everywhere
They’ll know you care by you just being THERE
Stop the excuses
Its trite and worn out
It diminishes the words that might erase doubt
Take the time
Make the time
To plant certainty
Securing it with quality not quantity
Stop the excuses
Show some respect
So you won’t live with a world of regret
There will always be something
That’s life
Don’t take it for granted
Time lost cannot be regained
I should have done more
I could have done more
Why didn’t I make the time …
Why didn’t take the time …
Is little solace to DEATH
D.S.B.Rhapsody©All Rights Reserved
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