Oct 9, 2011

33 Stop The Excuses - (Repost-Heeding my own words)

“Am Too Busy”
Stop the excuses
Make the time
Take the time
To share
To care
Friends and family won’t always be there
Am too busy is not good enough
Time won’t stop while you gather stuff
Days, weeks, and months are passing
All the while you don’t know what you’re missing
Too busy dismissing
Putting off things until …
Until when?
Are you really that dense you think life will stand still?
Stop the excuses
Enough already!
Stay connected
Nobody likes to feel rejected
It leaves all negatively affected
So you got to run and you can’t stay
That’s ok…
Reality eats up the time to play
It’s simple,
Actually really uncomplicated
Just make the time count when you’re there
The moments will convey that you care
Be present …
Don’t let you mind roam here there and everywhere
They’ll know you care by you just being THERE
Stop the excuses
Its trite and worn out
It diminishes the words that might erase doubt
Take the time
Make the time
To plant certainty
Securing it with quality not quantity
Stop the excuses
Show some respect
So you won’t live with a world of regret
There will always be something
That’s life
Don’t take it for granted
Time lost cannot be regained
I should have done more
I could have done more
Why didn’t I make the time …
Why didn’t take the time …
Is little solace to DEATH
D.S.B.Rhapsody©All Rights Reserved


  1. How totally true. OK if I put it on my blog? It’s private at the moment but when I get time…[there I go, already making excuses but I don't do much on the computer], I WILL work on it.

  2. @Woody Cory Yes you have my permission to post it on your blog with credit to me a link back to my page. Stay blessed.

  3. Very well put together. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I really need my husband to read this one! Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving and I really appreciate your poem. You are amazing!

  5. Hello Ms Rhapsody,
    I am well and blessed too! Thank you.
    Your words of wisdom are so true. I’ve never seen a grave stone engraved with,
    "I just wish I had spent more time at the office".

  6. Wow! Good one! And very true, sadly. It really speaks to me, as I can think of so many times that I have put off visiting someone that I really wanted to, but kept saying that there would be time. Or put my job first, of course thinking that I could do both. Sometimes, unfortunately, it hasn’t always worked out that way, and there wasn’t time. Sometimes, we just have to prioritize, and decide which is really more important. Because once it is too late……………………………it is too late. Very good poem. Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for the reminder. Especially at this time of the year.

  7. I hope that your week is filled with much joy, peace, and love. Thanks so much for visiting. Love the poem. Words of wisdom we can all learn from.

    xo T~

  8. I love this. Several years ago, I did a blog on that topic. I included friends as well as family in my thoughs.

    Be well…

  9. A-MAZZZ-ING!!! You are truly some kind of poet. I absolutely love your poetry. This is great! Thank you for sharing, I love it.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  10. I like this poem. I almost didn’t go home (my parents house) for Thanksgiving because I can only stay for two days and didn’t think it was worth it but last week I decided it doesn’t matter I’d rather see them for two days than not at all. So two last weeks ago Wednesday I let my fingers do the walking and three hours (and I can’t even count how many websites later) after I sat down at the computer to find a flight I had purchased my ticket.

  11. this message was meant for me i guess, :):) how may times have i turned down some friends’ calls , invitations, i thought i was too busy for that :( Thanks for reminding me. It touched some part of my heart . Stay in peace and love.hugs.

  12. Yeah, I hear that loud and clear! I’ve been making lots of excuses as to why I can’t exercise and now I’m paying a HEAVY price – FAT!!! I’m too busy, I’m tired, I don’t feel like it, I don’t have the time…..

    Nice one, well written – good wake up call!

  13. Great poem – right on time for the season!!! Thanks for the great idea on scrapbooking the blog, loved it! Blessings!

  14. How approrpriate! Couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. Blessings to you and yours.

  15. Good morning Fab…
    Can I print those words you shared in this entry and place them by my notepad to remain focused???
    More importantly, we know you are up in Canada but I had to come by and with an expression of gratitude and gratefulness for Thanksgiving and you being a part of Blog Quest.
    Thank you!
    He who thanks but with the lips thanks but in part; the full, the true Thanksgiving comes from the heart. ~J.A. Shedd

  16. I need to post this one my wall where I can read it each and every day!

  17. Why didn’t you make time? your poems were just busier not enough time for everything the time of the year…
    I’m sure if you really wanted to do something you will find time…all things were stopping but your brains were still working lol!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Enjoy your weekend,

  18. You get a BIG AMEN from me on this poem…no more time for excuses..time to get off and on! ;=)

    Have a great week!

  19. Yes Yes stop the excuses, and how do I juggle all these things?Things are well here, nice to hear from you always.Hope everything is well with you!Hugs from Alaska

  20. True. We should make the effort and the time.

  21. Very true and very relevant too. We keep putting things off but at the end of the day, what is most important? Thanks for sharing.

  22. I'm loving the message and the rhyme!!
    The message: I visited my girlfriend today. something i had been postponing forever..yeah i was busy :( So I can relate.
    The rhyme. Seriously I was reading and rapping (I was 'dropping it like it was hot')...and this is someone who doesnt like rap. lol.

  23. Thanks for this post! I was just thinking about how I feel like I make time to call, text, skype my friends whenever I can. But sometimes I feel like they don't do the same. All, they say is that they're busy and things like that. Then I feel like maybe I should find something better to do with my time. I understand that they have things to do and stuff. But, making time for the ones you care about is very important. Well, I'll keep doing what I can until I run out of patience. Lol

  24. @KParthasarathi thanks, its interesting reading the word awesome from you...hehe

    @Adura Ojo (Naijalines) it takes amazingly little time to really stay connected if only we'll stop the excuses.

    @Myne Whitman Often "we" get caught up in our own stuff and we are so crowded with it that we unintentionally negate those around us and our other relationship suffer.

    @Ginger lol, lol, lol dropping it like its hot...lol, lol thats rich, thanks for sharing, glad you liked it.

    @*Sweetly Broken* The excuses truly gets exhausting, the key though is to remember your worth and value and that will prevent you from exhausting your energy on those who are not interested in reciprocating.

  25. Lovely thoughts. I agree. As true and real as pizza pie. :-) Now for the 'doing' part.....

  26. Someone said, the only antidote of procrastination is NOW! We must put off things that are not letting 'love' emanate from us and stop giving in to alibis. Thanks Rhapsody.

    - LDP

  27. I have been so busy here in Illinois, meeting up with friends and babysitting my granddaughter and taking care of my sick husband, daughter and son-in-law. However, I really did want to take tonight to do something for myself and visit you all. I had to just make the time. Good advice! Now, I'm going to bed.

  28. @LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR sometimes the power of NOW with all its appeal is scary to a lot of people. Good quote.

  29. @Kay Sounds to me k that you were doing all the right things including prioritizing time for yourself to take care of your needs.

  30. I'm with you in this. Need to be reminded too. I guess we all do... No excuses. Glad you wrote this and shared it too. Thanks for taking the time to drop by my blog. That was wonderful! Blessings to you and your loved ones.

    1. its precisely why i reposted this entry to remind myself when i want to fall on the "am too busy" excuse for not showing up, being their and support those that count on me.


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