Oct 15, 2011


Sitting in the packed slow moving train, I searched for my fill-it-ins puzzle book to pass the time. The train crawl to a stop at the next station and people boarded the already packed train cab, seats were limited. There was one seat remaining between myself and another young slender Caucasian woman. “Excuse me, excuse,” came the sound and soon after a plus size Caucasian woman about 285lbs in her mid to late 40s. She made her way toward where I was sitting. I looked up at her reading her intent and thought to myself, ‘you got to be kidding, oh hell no you wouldn’t.’ Oh hell yes she did, she sized up the space between myself and the other woman which was not big enough for her to fit her size 22+ frame. I braced myself, holding my position to ensure no give as she attempted to wedge herself in. as I watched her I thought, ‘sweet father Jesus, she is really going to try and fit in!’
I am not discriminating here because I am no size 6 lets face it am a big girl (one simply has to know their limits) and the woman on the other end is a size 6. The seat would comfortably fit another size 6 or a child. This woman was no size 6. I held my breath, as she turned, backed up toward the seat and dropped herself in. I heard the woman on the other end make an uncomfortable sound as the woman continued to shimming down into the seat. As she forcibly wedged herself further down I held my position rigidly. I had no intent on making myself uncomfortable as this woman attempted “mission impossible.” she managed to fit half way in the seat and instead of staying in that position she continued to shoved herself back making grunting huh sounds. I held myself firmly watching straight ahead pretending that nothing outrageously out of the ordinary was happening all the while very aware of the ridiculous fool ramming herself in beside me.
She took a deep breath and shoved herself back hard with an audible grunt and I heard the woman on the other end make a painful sound. I know from sitting on that side of the seat that she was shoved up against the iron handle that was probably cutting into her hip/thigh, unable to bare the discomfort any longer the young woman angrily vacated her seat. The plus size woman looked at her with an angelic smile on her face and said, “Oh yes, that’s much better, oooh thank you.” I looked at the young woman pitifully, she was so angry she was turning pink. I just held my laughter and thought, ‘there was no way in hell I was getting up for that obnoxiously rude albatross.
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