Sep 29, 2011

12 When Clarity & Understanding Dawns the Euphoria is akin to Winning The Lottery. –a little about me

mother-daughter-clipartAs a child nestled to my grandmother’s side as she read the bible (king James version) absorbing the word along with her scent and warmth I was at times frustrated with the words. I didn’t understand what I was hearing nor what I read. My understanding was infantile, in its infancy. My comprehension was literal and my grandmother ever indulgent would laugh her robust laugh, a sound that echoed and bounced  around in the soft evening light of her bedroom. She’d just threw back her head in merriment at my childish indignation.

One example of my indignation was tied to the verse, “forgive them Lord for they know not what they do,” in reference to the crucifixion of Christ. I would argue, ‘what does it mean, they know not?, of course they do, they crucified him!’ ‘how could they not know!’

The other point of contention was, “those who have eyes would see,” “those who have ears would hear.” Again I was livid turning fierce eyes to my grandmother I would say, ‘I have eyes, I can see, I am looking at you now! I have ears, I can hear am listening to now! Frustration furred my brows, my little hands in fists at my side. Again she would dissolve into gales of laughter hugging me tight.

Fascinated and spurred by the desire to know I would go into granny’s room when she was away at work as if to discover the secret to this knowing. I’d retrieve the bible and read in my thirst to understand but only became more confused with words like “cometh.” “thus,” “seeth,” “noisome pestilence.” (Words that are so clear now but were so confusing then) frustrated I’d close the bible with a pap and leave.

My understanding then like most children was very literal, specific to the word itself, its immediate meaning, not the meaning(s) behind the meaning, the context, the analogy, the subtext, it simply was never part of the equation in my thinking.

Meaning though restricted I later realized resided inside me though I couldn’t decipher it. Granny’s explanations didn’t help as she seem to speak in riddles, the riddles I discovered as a young adult were parables. Whenever I ask her to explain her explanations she would advice me to pray and ask for clarity and understanding and the wisdom how to use the knowledge.

Today that clarity resounded loudly and understanding resonated into a familiar knowing. A knowing so is crisp and unencumbered by questions that I laugh a robust laugh hearing my grandmother join in as realization dawned that this sudden knowing is not sudden at all rather it laid in me waiting patiently for my readiness to accept and embrace its revelation.

Pslam 27
The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?

The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

I laugh a scandalously robust laugh. The feeling was euphoric and freeing, the level of frustration is no more.

I realize that although many of us are grown our knowing and understanding is infantile. Our clarity is muddled, crowded with the trails of daily living that influences how we hear, how we see the world and our place in it. Our internal knowing is lost, buried within because we are occupied with searching externally for answers instead of internally-where God resides.

Granny was/is right.  In confusion we need to pray, pray for clarity,  for understanding and the wisdom to decipher and appropriately use/apply the knowledge.

Pslam 27
verse14 ‘partial’
…”be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart…”

Sometimes though challenging we need to be still, be patient, listen and hear beyond hearing, see beyond seeing.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.


  1. Yeah, she was right. In this kind of world now, there is bound to be more confusion about the word of God

  2. Yes, it is so true. As we grow and mature we learn more.

  3. thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments, I just passed on the most versatile blogger award to you in my last post, so please check it out.

  4. You were very fortunate to have such a loving caring grandmother. And yes, some things do become clearer as we grow older, other things not so much.

  5. @@ilola Confusion is exactly what it is, so much falsehood disguised as truths.

    @Meera Sundararajan that is true only if we are willing to learn.

  6. @Priscy WOW, Thank you priscy, below this post entry you will find your thank you and a link back to your page. Thanks again.

  7. @Beth thats very true, if we are willing to open our eyes to the lessons.

  8. I just passed the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ to you. Please check my blog for more details. All the best.

  9. We surely have to pray for clarity and understanding coz a simple verse can have a million and 1 meanings. Thanks for constantly checking up on me Rhapsody :) Have a blessed weekend.

  10. Very well said and clarified, your grandmother's wisdom passed on to you. Your description of days spent at her side as she read the Bible to you had me sitting right there beside you (both) listening and absorbing as the two of you interacted with each other. I can just hear her hearty robust laugh -- and yours too. I could even see the twinkle in her eyes!

    Great post, as usual!

  11. Oh to have the innocence of the world we once had. As children things were black and white with no in-between. It's after we're grown when meanings behind meanings makes life so complicated.
    Great blog!

  12. @Sherry Ah i wish i could claim all the innocence naturally supposed to be inherent to children though i know what you mean when you say meanings behhind meanings.


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