Sep 1, 2011

16 Ruptured Morning

Basking in the tranquil morning

I sat thinking, updating my blogs

As the rip roaring sound of the fire alarm

Punctuates the stillness

The peace shatters

Ruptured by the incessant screaming of the alarm

The creativity is shot,

Flowing thoughts interrupted

Had to get up and do what is warranted

I save my stuff

Turn off the computer

Grab my pants running upstairs

Hopping from one leg then the other

Quickly I locate my slippers

And …

Open the door to a beautiful downpour

Rain ...

In torrent it falls

I look around,

Scattering neighbours here and there

Looking around with an inquisitive ear

Might as well find something to do

Grabbing my umbrella

I take out the garbage and throw it down the shoot

Skipping the puddles I make it back to my door

I stick my head in

The alarm still roars

It is quieter outside than inside

The alarm’s right next to my bedroom door

I stand silently watching the rain

Watching some neighbours open their door and shut it close again

I want to do the same

But hold myself discipline

Too afraid to act complacent

What is a little annoyance?

At least I’ll live to complain about its nuisance

Disruptive though it may be

I must always get up and move,

Take its sound off seriously

To be anything less than prudent

Could very well mean the end of me




  1. Good day…Unfortunately, your tranquility was interrupted.Fortunately, all was well and you still wrote the episode eloquently.

  2. It got you out and you noticed your surroundings, a good thing.Hugs from Alaska

  3. You did the right thing because one day there will be real danger. You can never not take these things seriously because you never know.

  4. I had a Saturday morning like this a few years ago when some little girl was "trying" to make breakfast and almost burn the building down. But before the alarms came on she let out the most blood curling scream I ever heard, then the alarm went off. Thank goodness in both of our situations it was not serious.

  5. Nice poem, just imagine the other people in peace and tranquility like yourself; only to find out it was their house on fire. I hope they all got out safely. Have a blessed day.

  6. Pain load goes down a bit when summer roles around.But I don’t complain…It’s better than being a quadriplegic. Stay away from the pain pills too. A clear mind is a good thingy.It’s Thursday…So have a nice weekend and warm weather your way…

  7. It’s important to stay tranquil when alarm starts. You describe so well I can see you hoping from one leg to another … and than the rain … still calm … well done.

  8. I love it, I love it! Very descriptive…seems like it happened to me too…just a few days ago. Only I’m too "up there in age" to do the hopping around from one leg to the other anymore. I "cautiously sit" on the edge of the bed and do one leg (slowly) at a time. I get charley horses, cricks, and crooks just thinking about hopping like that.

  9. It is nicely written.It happens to all of us but how many of us can describe so well as you have done.

  10. u are a very good story teller. I love your play with words. which i can do that.
    your newest follower. I hope you stop by my blog as well.

  11. @Nenyenwa, @KParthasarathi,@Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson Thank you, sometimes it just flows effortlessly-those momemts i cherish.

  12. I lived in a building where the fire alarm went of regularly and there never was a fire. Then I lived in another building where the alarm never went off and there was a a fire in the unit right below me. No alarm. It was the day before Christmas. If it wasn't for my neighbor across the hall banging on my door I don't know what would have happened. I was sound asleep.

  13. @BostonBoy Thank God for neighbours! See we all have a Guardian Angel

  14. Well written. Very descriptive. It is good to always take the fire alarm serious even though there are times it goes off without reason.I enjoyed this


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