Aug 28, 2011


It is wise to learn how to choose one’s battles

To understand that…

Not every thought has to be voiced,

Call has to be answered,

Battle has to be won,

Every discussions become a heated debate

Or dissolve into arguments,


It is wiser to be silent

Better to agree to disagree

And recognize that

It is not always about being right or wrong,

Winning or losing.


It is just about, understanding another’s perspective

Learn to choose your battles


DSB Rhapsody © 2008 /2009/2010/2011


"Stay blessed & keep your head up"


  1. I think choosing your batles is much like being patient. You just have to pause and reflect. Then choose not to respond in your usual way but as you stated go along to get along sometimes.

  2. In marriage and in the business world, truer worlds have seldom been spoken ! Hi, I was out blog walking and came over from Steve’s Alaskan Adventure and am glad I did. Love the site so I will be back! Take care.

  3. Thanks for dropping by, things are a little bit hectic at the moment, reason……….I´ve moved to Spain…………finding property etc……………but, also chilling out…………..I do my best to kind of agree to agree, definately the best thing to do, it´s a character builder hehe…………..xx

  4. Kuskulana from AlaskaAugust 28, 2011 at 9:48 PM

    Yes it is often the understanding that is the real challenge.
    A battle should be the last resort.
    Good thoughts.
    Hugs from Alaska

  5. Yep, somethings are better left unsaid!

  6. Agree to disagree: that If I think is not right then I would explain to other person to said why I’m not agree with you..
    If someone said to me YES all time then I started think is that true? But as you said escape from battles maybe wise to agrees to the person.

  7. Yeah, I learned that the hard way. Now, I choose my battles carefully.

  8. Sometimes a difficult lesson however a valued one!
    Thank you for sharing

  9. Understanding. Yeas. Peace.

  10. Yep, it’s understanding, sometime it’s just silly thing and nothing, just have the reson, listen, and compromise, but it’s not easy at all, when you have the temper!!
    I trust all is weil with you, enjoy your weekend….take care..Gena xxx

  11. Submitted on 2008/02/16 at 12:44 AM
    You know, I learned that later in life. I have always been rather intent with my thoughts and beliefs but I have learned to follow those precepts you mentioned…finally.

  12. very good advice, Fab

  13. To be depend on other person and I will keep my battle at last.

  14. "t is not always about being right or wrong,
    Winning or losing. Sometimes… It is just about, understanding another’s perspective"

    I couldn't agree more!

    - LDP

  15. hi rhapsody,
    great post.

  16. This is a great one. inspirational.

  17. @Nancy, @LadyNgo, @Michiko, @LDP, @@ilola, Thank you for your presence and consensus.

  18. I align with ‎​you Rhapsody:
    Re being able to overlook or patiently overlook and take the second slap...hmm! I align with ‎​you Rhapsody:
    Re being able to overlook or patiently overlook and take the second slap...hmm!

  19. I love this, a whole lot! You're so right about choosing one's battle. This is something a lot of us need to learn how to do over-time. It's also like saying; if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. We have to be careful what we speak. Because, our tongue is very powerful.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing...and keep blessing us with these wise words of yours. :)

  20. @*SweetlyBroken* It is funny you should say that, the tongue being powerful, i think we underestimate the power of words and their impact because it rolls out you cannot roll it back in and its out there in the universe.

  21. @enybees-hub This is a life long lesson, we ever have to be deligent about learning it, implementing and following through.

  22. Sometimes you have no choice when it comes to a battle but for the most part I try and stay away from friction. I can't always control myself.

  23. @BostonBoy You are right someetimes trouble walks right in your front door and get right up in your face. Then you have to deal with in the best way possible with the best solution in that moment when confronted. On other occassions however when you have forsight and exercise mindfulness you are able to choose to engage or walk away expending your energies for bigger and better things more worthy.

  24. What you say is SO TRUE. If only we would follow these rules we would have more stress free existence...! Have a nice week.

  25. @Meera Sundararajan Spiritual and psychological freedom is within our grasp if only we live consciously-not an easy tasks with all the challenges life unfolds. Much of life is the learning isn't it? It is when we fail to learn we continue the behaviour that requires change.

  26. tnx for the words of wisdom ma'am 'not every thoughts need to be voiced!'....that 'hit me!'

  27. @Ibhade You are welcome, it took me a long time to figure that out and every once in a while i still have to remind myself to keep a still tongue.


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