Sep 14, 2011

16 Experimenting With Night Photography

So I am experimenting with night photography, playing around with my camera samsung compact W700. Discovery - flash isn't always a good option. After attempting a few shots with I discovered that the photographs were better without, it was a matter of composing the frames I wanted. I had my tripod and took these photos. Taken between 8:45 - 10:40 pm.
Taken from 7 feet above. Taken in Scarborough Ontario
Looking down and across from 7feet up
Taken from the 5th floor - Kennedy Rd, Scarborough
Taken from 5 floors up, directly across is a funeral home & an apartment building
Taken from the Bathurst Subway Station, facing South on Bloor & Bathurst
 Facing South on Bloor & Bathurst
from the 5th floor looking South on Kennedy in Scarborough
SAM_2583   SAM_2584
Building view 'Moonlight with Artificial Light'


  1. Stunning lights . Love the stars. Oh I would love to be in a city at night. Out in the country it light by the moon and that too is wonderful .
    Blessings my friend.

  2. @Lisa RedWillow
    Thank you. I would love the opportunity to take photographs of a star filled sky. Here in the city you seldom see the stars.

  3. You called this an experiment? You are good! Keep on keeping on, Sis.

    - LDP

  4. @LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR Thank you so much for the complliment. Yes I call it experimenet because I haven't been able to successfully take a COLLECTION of night photos only the 1 or 2 great shots which came out of luck. Most were a bunch of shakey lights all blended together in one mad rainbow of blurr. Then I used my tripod and wallah. I am really proud of these shots.

  5. We are too proud of your photographic skill and thank you for the feast of pictures.Keep clicking!!!

  6. @KParthasarathi Thank you and I will keep clicking as I do so love taking pictures.

  7. ok.......first time here and im loving it.

  8. @Luciano welcome and thank you for the visit. I hope you continue to come often and share your vision of the world with me.

  9. Nice shots. I am curious if you used a flash or ambient light.

  10. @BostonBoy Thank you, no I did not use a flash or ambien light. Just the night setting. I opt to use my SAMSUNG WB 700 digital compact camera instead of my DSLR. I found that when i used the flash the photographs actually came out darker and there were no details of the surroundings only the few bring lights like stars peeping through a hole in the blanket. Perhaps because I am a novice in terms of legitimate photography techinique. I just used the options that gave me better results. In this case it was to turn off the flash, mount the cam on the tripod, use the night setting and try and compose the exact shut i wanted in the frame.

  11. Great shots!!! I love 'em, especially those from above :). I plant now so technically I should be a day person but I can't seem to get over my love of the night. I am nocturnal by nature lol. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Really really lovely pictures. You're more into documentary/lifestyle. These set are my favorite, one of the things you realize early on a photographer is that the on-camera flash is not really your friend.

    I personally don't like taking pictures of humans because they are unpredictable but inanimate stuff? It's how you put them that you will find them... Lol.


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