Sep 14, 2011

16 Experimenting With Night Photography

So I am experimenting with night photography, playing around with my camera samsung compact W700. Discovery - flash isn't always a good option. After attempting a few shots with I discovered that the photographs were better without, it was a matter of composing the frames I wanted. I had my tripod and took these photos. Taken between 8:45 - 10:40 pm.
Taken from 7 feet above. Taken in Scarborough Ontario
Looking down and across from 7feet up
Taken from the 5th floor - Kennedy Rd, Scarborough
Taken from 5 floors up, directly across is a funeral home & an apartment building
Taken from the Bathurst Subway Station, facing South on Bloor & Bathurst
 Facing South on Bloor & Bathurst
from the 5th floor looking South on Kennedy in Scarborough
SAM_2583   SAM_2584
Building view 'Moonlight with Artificial Light'
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