Sep 17, 2011

19 Be Your Authentic Self

i can only be meIf you cannot be your authentic self in all your relationships, then you are setting yourself up for a life of dissatisfaction and misery.


Keep it simple, uncomplicated and real.

Bare in mind that being real does not mean being rude, disrespectful or dishonest, it simply means being your authentic self, whatever or whomever that is.


As for me…

i can only be me

I am a perfectly imperfect, beautiful, radiantly flawed work in progress & true. I am ok with that….Peace.

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  1. I will certainly try to be my own authentic self, along with being beautiful and wise. :-)

  2. This is … Words Fail me. I am in the process of creating a space on self-discovery and authenticity and I would like to quote you. May I?

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful and wise advice. I like your space, I hope to visit again soon!Jenna

  4. awwwwwwwwww me likie mama! tres ture and straight from the heart!! ^_^

  5. yea everyday that's what I work hard at being...myself! i love me and don't wanna be anyone or anything else..the idea of a better me sounds great to me though...nice post!

  6. @The Gaelic Wife thank you.

    @Lara You are your best investment, you can never go wrong.

  7. Thank you for wise advice and myself I just keeps a simple life.
    Great post! Thank you for visit and leaving your kind comment RE:My hey fever is toward to end.
    I will remember that next time I used the nose spray:-)
    Why I don't used this time? because my allergic
    is so high then I can't used it.

  8. hi rhapsody,
    thanks for your post.
    being yourself is important but not easy with so much peer pressure, pressure to conform from home,school, work and pressure to be a consumer.

  9. Hi Rhapsody,

    A wonderful observation and reminder for those who need it. I am proud to be an evolving work of art :).



  10. @michiko, Thank you and you are welcome.

    @kiitkat Thank you

    @Herrad You are so right, so much pressure to be other than we are that the biggest triumph is succeeding being oneself.

    @cocorivers Thats one of the keys to remain true to ourselves to be proud of our accomplishments big and small.

  11. Simple, uncomplicated and real..... Just what i need. Thanks for this post.

  12. @deolascope simple and uncomplicated is what i think we all aim for however human emotion has a tendency to create a maelstrom

  13. I absolutely live this! It isso beautifully written. I wish most people lived by this.


  14. @Josie Honey most people have the noise of so many people in their ear that they are lucky if they can hear the sound of their own voice long enough to follow what they dream and desire for their selves.


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