Aug 24, 2011

17 ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ Rescued Gum–An Interesting Observation

I was sitting in the train with my daughter conversing about all manner of things when a couple who appeared to be their late 40's early 50's entered and lovingly squeezed their selves into the seats directly opposite my daughter and I. The man raised his arm and put it behind the woman’s head and she scooted closer to him as they giggled affectionately. I smiled to myself as I watched the intimate by play. As the train sped off down the tracks the couple engaged in whispered conversations while my daughter and I silently acknowledged the couple to each other with our eyes. We  continued with our eclectic dialogue glancing periodically when there were some vocal outburst or laughter.

Two stops into the train ride the woman started digging around in her purse. After a few seconds she pulled out some gum. She gumunwrapped one and promptly offered it to the gentleman however in the process of taking the gum the train jerked and the gum slipped and fell on the train floor. What happened next shocked me as the man quickly bent and retrieved the gum from the ground and unceremoniously plopped it into his mouth chewing happily without missing a beat in their conversation. The woman did not seem surprised or put off by the action and they exchanged long kisses.
My daughter and I shocked looked at each trying discretely to look unaffected by gum action as we communicated with our eyes and facial expressions learnt from years of living with each other. Needless to say the consensus was “eewwww”, 'nasty son-of-a-bi-arch' as we both erupted into a fit of uncensored laughter. We were so animated we couldn’t help but draw the attention of other travelers on the train including the couple however I don't think they suspected we were laughing at them since we were laughing and talking before. My daughter and I could no longer look at each other, (our conversation ended abruptly overshadowed by the event) because we would just start laughing all over again. I kept thinking....’Disgusting’ damn, I mean, geez couldn't he have leave that piece of gum on the ground after all they had a full pack.
I had to distract myself as it was on the tip of my tongue to say something, I had to remind myself over and over to be mindful and mind my own business, after all it’s not my mouth the dirty gum went in. So why should I worry or be concerned? As a solution I simply put my earphones in my ear as did my daughter, she rested her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes while I relaxed and applied my granny’s saying to the action I witnessed, “Waste not want not”.
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