Aug 25, 2011

12 Lasso Those Wild Wild Breasts – Quick Observation

They sauntered up the subway car breasts hanging loosely, swinging haphazardly from left to right like a pendulum on a grandfather clock on their chests and bellies in white t-shirts that has long since lost their whiteness and seated their selves front to side/back across from me. The smaller of the two sat facing front while the other sat with her back to the other’s side and leaned in. Their shoulder length stringy wash out brown hair was parted in the middle and laid placidly in defeat on their heads.

Their breasts now sitting on their SAM_2277stomachs laid there like a prisoner on death row awaiting the prison guard and warden to take him to the death chamber. The one sitting on the inside seem a little more conservative as she strategically placed her hands at the sides and pulled in effectively covering herself while the other just used hers as a table and set her arms upon them (see photo to above left).
As I observed them I thought to myself, ‘good Lord, heaven help me, if I were to be so bold to let my tetes (breasts) loose to roam freely across my chest like Tarzan calling for Jane while swinging through the jungle from vine to vine, I would have two black eyes, a swollen cheek, missing teeth, busted lips and whiplash all before I hit my front door.’ I mean, Dangggg….ladies lasso those gynormous bad boys and hog-tie them behind their necks, seesh.
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