Aug 23, 2011

29 "Contemplating Failure"

Failure is not failure but directional guidelines to life. Each time you fail it is telling you specifically what is not working. It is the gifted opportunity to change, to try something new, other scenarios & avenues.


ladder to successIt's life lessons i.e.: Failures are the footsteps/ladder to success if you are open to learning the lessons inherent in the experience. It is not about how much times you fall down it is about your ability to continually rise up despite all the falls.


SO....…If you have become stagnant, paralyzed and trapped in the midst of past failures and burdened by the disappointment that you have essentially inhibited yourself from trying and experiencing new things. You need to Stop!, go back and re-examine objectively the experience (be a spectator if you will), get the lesson, pick yourself up and move forward into new opportunities and experiences armed with the knowledge of lessons learnt.

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