Aug 21, 2011

22 Life Goes On "Ba Doom Boom"…Therein Lies The Rub

Life goes on
It halts for no one
It is not empathic
It is unfazed by the human condition
It dispassionately proceeds
Unaffected by tragedies,
Unencumbered It is free,
From the maelstrom burdens of pain, …
sorrow, guilt, failures and malcontent.
An intermittent plague to the human psyche
Life goes on
in spite of…
Regardless of….
The only control one has
Is in deciding the quality in which their life will go on



  1. pretty true~life surely never halt for anyone and this really makes us try our best to live as happily as possible~if life is not so "cruel", we can not force us to realize our own value immediately, we would always waste our time to do more useless things…death is just like a holly dog running after us, and we have to be a good runner in our life

  2. heyy … this is an interesting one because i thought it just other way!!yes, life does go on, but what happens if we dont mind its bussiness and go on ourselves?contradicts? perhpas..!nihow…how you doing?me okey, enjoying

  3. So very true. Great Post!

  4. :you speak the truth. the beauty of sunset—grieves not for old age

    p.s: smiles. i like the SUM of your body parts :p

  5. re: your commentcorrect, Fab.hence— in All strife, take it to the LORD.

  6. Yes I absolutely agree!
    Life for each of us is what we make of it for sure.
    In answer to your comment, all is well here, and I am going on a trip tomorrow up north,
    very excited about the photo ops for the northern lights!
    Grab the gusto and keep the zest!
    Hugs from Alaska

  7. I choose to live my life and each day to its fullest. I seek happiness and to be kind to all I meet. You just never know when it is an angel that is in your company.

  8. Yes life goes on just like a river flows to sea the only times the river stops flowing is if the source dries up. May the source of your strength to go on never dry up.

  9. So true, no matter what, life goes on. It’s like ready or not, here I come!!

  10. How very true.
    It is sad we don’t pay more attention to some
    of the choices we make…

  11. Beautifully written. Aptly stated.

  12. Amen to that, Fab!

  13. Great piece and I love the message at the end! :)

  14. Great post and so true!

  15. Very true.As you said the only control one has
    Is in deciding the quality in which their life will go on.Nicely said

  16. Excellent! I agree with your words!

  17. @KParthasarathi & Beth thank you, it is a hard reality we all must face.

  18. Life, I agree, owes no man empathy...
    It simply goes on...

    - LDP

  19. @Barb Sometimes we are guilty of being so caught up in living our lives that we don't pay attention to the things that needs to be attended to.

  20. As George Harrison said, "Life goes on within and without you."

  21. No matter what happens, life simply GOES on!No matter what happens, life simply GOES on!


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