Aug 8, 2011

31 Expressing it as is – ‘Take it or leave it~one side of a discussion on a particular philosophy’

If you cannot be your true self,

The person you are to the core

In all your relationships

Whether it be friendships,



What is the point?

Why are you there?

If not to keep it real,

Be real and make it better,

Why are you there?

What motivates you to stay in a state of relationship decay?

To die a thousand deaths each day ...

Till the soul of your faith gets eaten away

Relinquishing effort for a chameleon’s display

What are you afraid of?

What lies do you tell yourself?

What is the benefit to you living an inauthentic life?

Who do you really think you are fooling?

How long you do plan to keep on pretending

Pointing the finger,

Blaming everybody else but self for your wealth of unhappiness

When are you going to rise up and just be!

Stop selling your soul and your personal integrity

In life you cannot please everybody

To be anything or anyone other than your authentic self …

Is to set yourself up for hurt,

To deliberately guarantee …

An existence filled with disappointments

An endless string of suffocating baggage …

Inherited from the experiences of living a life of self-deception

It is much easier to be yourself and…

A hell of a lot less complicated to be who you are,

Whoever that is,

Whatever that is,

However that is.


DSB Rhapsody©2008/09/10/11 All rights reserved….

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