Aug 13, 2011

26 A Delightful Encounter

I was travelling on the train to work one morning when I encountered Paulette an opera singer. I sneezed and was searching fiercely for a tissue. I was about to give up when I remembered another compartment in my purse that may have one. I looked and hit pay dirt; it was a large napkin, since it was the only one I had I tore it in two and put the other half back in my purse. She (Paulette) looked at me and said. “Smart, I forgot mine at home, are you getting a cold?” I answered no it just allergies. The conversation continued:

Paulette: Do you take medication for your allergies?

Me: Usually I do however this time after speaking with the pharmacists I decided to forgo the regular medication and use the recommended sterile Saline Nasal Mist and Opticrom-a sterile anti-allergic eye solution. Its working very well and I have the added benefit of bypassing the endless drowsiness.

Paulette: really, oh I am so glad that I met you then, I too suffer with allergies and sinuses and it is a killer for me right now because I am a singer.

Me: hmmmmm…..really, what kind of singer are you?

Paulette: I am a opera singer, have double vocal cords, one of a few in the world.

opera singerI had no idea that people could have double vocal chords in any event she ended up singing for me on the train and giving me a mini vocal lesson on techniques, range, verses the natural gift. She used Celine Dion & Whitney Houston as her examples of Talent verses Gift (the ability to exceed excellence). While she was impressed with Celine and how successful she has managed to become she did not consider her a natural gift and critiqued her lack of precision in some of her notes and pronunciations etc. Whitney Houston on the other hand according to Paulette has the “gift”, range, talent, technique and vocal ability to surpass even what she has done before.

It was quite interesting listening to her, some of the terminologies she used went completely over my head as I am not knowledgeable about the vocabulary intricacies used to classified the varying areas of singing but I was delighted with the songs she sang for me turned down 90 decibels according to her or the people in the train may have been covering their ears, as it was they were already staring but I didn’t care. I was enjoying her company. We exchanged numbers promising to keep in touch and said our goodbyes as she departed before me going to her practice in preparation for her upcoming concerts. Even if nothing comes of it, I enjoyed meeting her and the small concert/lesson on opera.

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