Aug 1, 2011

16 Observations–The penetrating ass digger and more…


itchy bumHe stands waiting for the bus, his back to me I cannot see his face but what I see i wish i didn’t. He scratches his ass once, I though oooooh k….. then he scratches again this time longer, my face in a mask of this disgust as his itching gets deeper and deeper and more intensified. I thought,  ‘danggggg….you didn’t wash your nasty ass this morning or you would NOT be digging in there like you searching for the sacred dead sea scroll.’ eeeeeeewwwwwww.

The bus arrives and he holds onto the polls, I avoid them like the plague preferring to fall, he takes out chips and begins to eat. yuck.



SAM_2033They whizzed pass me at the streetcar stop and the opposite unfamiliar caught my attention. She appeared to riding low although she wasn’t but beside him one can see how that impression can be believed.  He strategically manoeuvre’s himself beside the light pole and props himself while he waits for the traffic light to change oblivious to the on lookers but knowing due to the unusualness of his ride that were a given.




SAM_2036Fashion trends, not all should be a standard. Dropping drawings and sagging pants are hardly what I’d call attractive. Sometimes we are unmercilessly subjected to things we have no desire to see, be party to or be subject to. Case and point…..I have no desire to randomly see some man’s underwear.



Six feet two, dressed in a light blue and yellow sports t-shirt with jeans and sneakers the young man of African decent in his early 20s plunked his lanky frame down hard on the two-seater tossing the plastic shopping bag roughly in the corner seat. He spread his legs wide taking up part of the second seat preventing anyone from occupying the other seat.

He turned aggressively toward the plastic bag and snatched it up angrily, opened it and took out a Styrofoam container with food. He opens it and it overlaps into the space of the young Asian woman sitting parallel him. He makes no move to pull himself or the container back. She shrinks slightly back and remains silent. He takes out a fork and stabs viciously at the remaining food, he shovels in fork full then flings the fork down and took a piece of meat and bites into it with contempt. Disgusted he throws the other piece back, closes the container and shoves it back into the bag. He leans back, his hands on his head. He straightens, shifts from side to side breathing hard. He turns back to the bag, retrieves a drink, shakes it viciously but does not open it or drink from it instead he flings it back into the bag taking deep breaths. His anger was unmistakable and seems to grow throughout the train ride.

He again shifts himself this time changing positions with the bag. He shoves himself to the corner seat, leans his right side against the train car and cocks his left foot up on the seat the young Asian woman was sitting. His foot touches her slightly and she flinches slightly her discomfort unmistakeable in her facial expression but she keeps her eyes straight and moves her leg a little. The young man realizing he may have hit her moves his foot a little but does not move it completely nor did he apologize.

He folds his arms, he unfolds them, he turns slightly his face a mask of anger. He puts his hand on his head, then down in his lap, he look like he\s about to burst. I leave the train.



cansShe walks with a stoop; she appears to be in her late 60s early 70s. Back slightly hunched she pushes her shopping cart along the sidewalk stopping periodically to search the strategically positioned garbage’s for recyclable cans and bottles. She seems oblivious to others who may be watching her, her purpose uppermost in her mind as she works diligently through the garbage’s seeking her treasures. Satisfied she moves on. When a garbage can yield’s no loot she then digs into the recycle bin left for pick up by the recycling companies and takes the cans and bottles.


Is she an enterprising entrepreneur when going through the garbage and retrieving the bottles and cans or is she a thief when she riffles through the recycle bin designated for pick up by the recycling companies?

Is she an entrepreneur on one hand and a thief on the other? Is it all fair game? does the distinction matter?

What are your thoughts?


  1. Hi Rhapsody,
    Good thought provoking post, good phortos.

  2. Interesting.You brought all the scenes vividly before my mind's eye and I share the disgust with you at some of them.But the old woman picking some items that can fetch her some money is no thief but is eking her livelihood somehow.In Chennai we have hordes of garbage pickers making an honest living but my only grouse is they scatter the items they do not want around thethe place

  3. My God,, you are so observant!!! I laughed my head off when I read about the ass digger- you know I have not noticed many here but I see a lot of crotch scratchers and that is equally disgusting. Seeing men's underwear or any one's underwear these days seems to be quite normal given the low swung jeans that everyone seems to be wearing. Your experience with the asian woman and the african man seemed like something out of a movie .. Well that is life I guess - there is so much around us if we can stop and observe. Have a nice day!

  4. LOL! I love these your observations. I better keep my eye open too for interesting stuff :D

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  5. You and your powerful mind of random observations. lol

  6. Hello,

    Very observant you are but I think you are pointing out the bad habits of people so that others can get a message of what people should not do in public.

    The last woman you are referring to is a poor woman who is trying to earn her daily bread otherwise she will not do such things which can be seen by the public.

    Great post. I enjoyed reading it.

  7. Well, reading the ass-digger part started me off laughing. This is such an interesting post. I agree that you are truly observant of your surroundings.

  8. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post. I think the lady at the end should not take the cans from the recycle bins.

  9. Girrrrl, you keep me in stitches! If people only knew... guess I should say, if people only cared (they would be more conscious of what they're doing in public). You sure make me think twice when I go out now.

    I just dropped by to say hello and see how you’re doing.

  10. You never get tired of your observations though sometime you need more times:-)
    Riding Tall: Just likes in the circus people who riding similar the bicycle.
    ass digger: just disgusting! he takes out chips to eat that make me sick.

    The last one: She must a badly need money to buy
    her family foods?

  11. I forgot mention about Double pink cherry plum tree that is my neighbor's one.
    I have problem with multiple image in my blog post,I didn't try hard enough either:-)
    Thank you for your lovely comments.
    You have a nice day.

  12. I totally dislike these sagging low waisted pants.

  13. I kinda like the sagging thing but not the crazy ones featuring butt chicks and scary how do you notice all these things and write so beautifully about them? you have a great mind I must say!

  14. lol @ the ass digger..need to get de-wormed ASAP!

    i hate sagging pants!

    clear pics and very observant!

  15. I loved this Rapsody, no wonder your site is so popular you are an excellent wrtiter! I love the way you think about things....thank you for the laughter I needed it! I have missed you so and am glad to have the time to read you and write blogs again. We are sure having a chilly Summer here in San Mateo, CA this year I can hardly believe it! Must go and read some more of your jems! ♥

  16. As far as the lady, I doubt the poor woman would be doing something like that in the first place if she had better choices in life. God bless her! The re-cycle companies are big enough to lose some stuff and as long as it gets recycled that's what counts too me in the end! We are making a mess of this beautiful earth so re-cycle people! Love your blogs Rapsody look forward to more! ♥


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