Jul 7, 2011

14 Long Day, Ghostly Flushes

This week as last week are a series of long days. Tuesday was especially long because I had to attend a Job Fair (JF) at Toronto City Hall located at  100 Queen Street West. Toronto City Hall (7) My assistant a dynamically fabulous woman helped me set up the table as we readied ourselves for prospective professionally trained Language Interpreters to submit their resumes and certifications for considerations.  Included in the JF were a series of workshops that dealt with the ethics and working conditions for Language Interpreters. I sent my assistant off during the schedule presentations to enjoy the workshops and I manned the table. I got 44 resumes, chatted with many hopefuls and saw many familiar faces of those that are already on board with my organization. We rapped up at 7pm. On our way I used the opportunity to check out my surroundings, and enjoyed the strategically placed art on the main floor. I especially loved the Metropolis Mural Metropolis - 100,000 nails mural (2)Metropolis - 100,000 nails mural (5)

by  David Partridge made with 100,000 ordinary nails. The complete sculputre is made up of 9 panels. It was installed in 1977.(Click Evening in Toronto  to see my slide show photos)Toronto City Hall (12)Toronto City Hall (9)

Nathan Phillips Square (named after Nathan Phillip who was mayor of Toronto in 1955 till 1962) - located in front of Toronto City Hall is used for civic activities and special events. The arches over the pond is called "Freedom Arches" In the winter the pond is made into an ice rinks.


7:30  pm I desperately needed to use the bathroom, nature could no longer be put off by my defiance. I had to answer the call or face the humiliation of pissing myself.  I nixed the idea of using the bathroom inside City Hall for a number of reasons, one it was late and isolated and two I didn’t know my way around so I elected to “hold” it and go to the Eaton Center.  After about a few steps outside of City Hall it was quickly apparent that I was not going to make it to the Eaton’s Center. I was doing the pee walk, ladies you know the one where you squeeze your legs together tightly and make very tight precise steps with a mini wiggle and a plead to the Lord not to pee yourself.  As I reached Nathan Phillips Square, I noticed to my right aToronto City Hall (3)  WASHROOM sign and made a B line straight to it. I entered the washroom which was blessedly clean and headed to the last stall to the far corner. Doing the ease, wiggle, aim and squat dance I relieved myself. During this time I heard the toilet right next to the stall am in flush. a quick survey showed no one, within a few seconds the toilet flushed again. A repeat survey again reveal no one in the neighbouring stall. I made a mental note but when the third flush occurred I began to get a weird feeling. Poised in a very unladylike position I hurried myself. Again, the toilet flushed, number four and with it a spooky sensation passed across my back. I darted out the stall and looked around – no one. while washing my hands the toilet flushed again, this is the fifth time and I no longer had any desire to stay there, I forgot about drying my hands and left as fast as i could by the time I opened the door i heard flush number six, seven by the time the door closed and I could hear an eight and ninth flushed by the time I reached along Nathan Phillip’s Square. Mental note, never again.

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