Jun 5, 2011

29 Modern Torture Devices

I call them modern day torture devices my daughter and others like her call them “shoes”. Ah no. At a resent event to pass the time I took some photos of “shoes” for my daughter, she came in with her own shoes for me to photograph and asked me to blog about it. So this blog is done is sweet duress.

Photos of Shoes “modern day torture devise”

shoes  8 shoes 4-4shoes 4

shoes 2shoes  2-2 shoes 9

shoes 5shoes 7shoeshoe 5shoes 6 shoes 3 

My daughter’s Shoes

IMG_0018 IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0004 IMG_0013IMG_0017IMG_0005 IMG_0014

My conclusion? I am so not wearing those things. I don’t care for the external validation “society” gives in terms of “sexy” and “beautiful”. I would like to tell you I am this way because I am older and wiser but frankly my dears it would be a lie. I never gave a rats ass for the things from the time I was a girl and my mother can testify to that. Somehow us women have been brain washed into thinking that these “devises” noticed I said devises and not shoes are what “we” need to help us be attractive and beautiful and what’s worst is most of us believe them! These torturous though beautiful looking contraptions has made Podiatric Medicine a booming business as women willingly distort their feet for beauty.

As the trend/lusts increases for these modern torture devises so does the the demand for new Podiatrists, heck they can’t crank them out fast enough. I would say this would be the career young people need to get into  it will have them smiling all the way to the bank.

High heels shirk the muscle of the calves and causes back pain but don’t take my word for it, ask the professionals. It is said that the back aches is due to the “distortion of the spinal cord and the upheaval of the uterus because it restricts the free movement of walking.” Would knowing all this change women’s minds and deter them from wearing heels, probably not as there will always be those that choose to do in spite of knowing the dangers as I always like to say, “knowing is not doing.”

As for my daughter and I on the subject well lets just say we have agreed to disagree, to me they are still and will always be torture devises, to her they are fabulous shoes.

quote taking from article: High Heel Shoes

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