Jun 7, 2011


tomotoes up and down flowLife is filled with ups and downs. The trick is learning how to be fluid and move continually between the ebb and flow of triumphs, tribulations, stillness and awakeness while noting the jewelled lessons crowned within each experience lived and witnessed.

D.S.B. Rhapsody ©2009/2010/2011


  1. That is a trick indeed. Downs make us stronger. I am stronger each day.Great post!Hug,T

  2. Am a passive blogger..usually respond to blogs and post a few now and then. Will post about a trip on this blog sometime this week I guess :) How’s it going for you. Hope the week’s off to a great start.

  3. Life is filled with ups and downs, Laughing, crying, smiles, and frowns. Climb a ladder; slide to the floor; Buddy, can we play some more? Curves and turns and a big surprise Can help cement our family ties. Will I pout or be a good sport? Or will I simply come up short? In Chutes and Ladders, as in life, The goal is to have fun, not strife!

  4. yup, we need to find a balance between the ups and the downs. that’s a very appealing pic!

  5. An old saying, "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line." That has a lot of truth to it, but if you take the points and affix them face to face and then punch a hole through them you have created a wormhole (a more direct path to your destination). Sometimes we need to think outside the box to overcome life’s circumstances. I purpose not to look at the circumstances, but speak, believe and depend on what God says about me and his plan for my life.

  6. I’m trying, believe me I am trying but it"s not always easy.

  7. Good morning Rap…Thanks for stopping by…I have so much catching up to do with my blog buds.Wait! I need to put on my headphones and listen to Toni while I type. She’s very gifted.Your words of insight are always a blessing to us. They come from your soul and more importantly your heart.What a delightful encounter on the train. Yes…Whitney has a God given gift. She has always been called to lead others to worship our God. I have a feeling she will be returning back to her roots…Singing to her daddy in worship but not in performance. Oooops! Starting to ramble. Have a very blessed weekend. Maybe even go buy a lavender plant for your home. I’ve had lavender planted around my home I love their beautiful fragrance. Oh my!!! I better start sharing about baseball or football to get back to my masculine side.Peace!PS- My head is now rockin’ to “Soar.”http://blogquest.spaces.live.com

  8. Very true,Rhapsody, but sadly not always followed by us.

  9. The life is very complexed that you don't expect all the time goes smooth?
    We all know that too, but some people's are lucky
    in all their life,well best way thank you for simple and the healthy life if we keep these thing are very important.

  10. Hi Rhapsody,
    Lovely post, thanks.

  11. Hello,

    Great thoughts and lovely quote. Very inspiring. Sometimes life teaches very hard lessons that one wonders how to extricate from a overwhelming situation. It appears there is no end to troubles and life becomes a struggle.There is a fear that stalks us day in day out and unless one is strong mentally coming out of the struggle will take take a long long time. But in the end every one learns the hard way and surely it is nerve wracking experience. Sometimes we are very badly battered and bruised before we learn the lesson. If possible I would like to avoid such situations.

    Best wishes,

  12. Deep thoughts there. We must take it as it comes and hopefully we learn from it and move on. Whether it is something real hard thrown at us or the sweetest tickle of a butterfly landing on us. Lessons are blessings.
    smiles xx


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