Apr 4, 2011

16 Last Summer At Buskerfest With My Scrumptious Godson

manman Saturday August 28, 2010 I took my 1-year old Godson (Man-man as I like to call him as he thinks he is a little man ready to run and jump and can’t even walk yet) to Buskerfest. When I picked him up around 2:45/3:00pm, he was excited to see me. He laughed and smiled and grew impatient for his mother to put on his shoes for us to leave. On the bus to the festival I met a good friend (SUPER) with her nephew; they were also going to buskerfest. Naturally we spent the time together watching the different trapeze and acrobatic acts. My friend (Super) bought man-man a poodle balloon which he promptly attacked with his mouth reducing it to a hot dog (face and long body) in minutes and eventually just a tiny circle. Man-man had a ball he was so excited he talked (baby talk of course) all the way to the festival, at the festival with the pigeons and dogs and sang loud when the commentator sang loud and yelled when the commentator yelled.

He was a delight and drew all sorts of attention when he was chomping down on his chicken leg; once he was finished he used the bone for entertainment. He used it to scratch his gums and periodically place it at either side of his mouth while singing dada, dada, dada, baba, baba. When a pigeon or a dog caught his eye he would take the bone out of his mouth, held it in his little fist tightly and yell with his arms outstretched Pigeon! Pigeon! Pigeon, Pigeon! Dog would be Ah dah! Ah dah! Then soon he would start on calling the pigeon again, Pigeon, Pigeon! Pigeon! Pigeon, Pigeon!  People were laughing so hard but he didn’t pay them any mind he was too busy calling the pigeon, I got it all on video....ah....priceless.... Oh did I mention that I bought an ice cone for us to share? Well boy was I in for a surprise because once he got his little lips around that cone I was in trouble. The cone was melting faster than he could eat it from the summer heat and when I tried to help he would scream bloody murder as if to say “woman give me back my ice cream cone!” I just laughed, he is too much and has quite the personality. To this day he remembers pigeons and dogs.

This year’s BUSKERFEST should be interesting since he  is older and would be talking by then, he is already walking and loves to go out and gives his mother a hard time when she is ready to go in the house because he is not ready, he wants to hang out.  Yep it would be very interesting, gotta get my camera ready……


  1. How innocent was that? Man-man had so much fun doing his thing….priceless indeed! Does he know that you’ve got issues with those pigeons that he seems to like so much? LOL Have a wonderful day

  2. Delightful. How sweet and innocent they are at that age.

  3. Your Godson is precious. What a lovely smile he has.
    I see a post from PEP. I miss her. Does she have a blog on blogger or wordpress? Please tell he hi for me.

  4. He's a very cute kid. Kids can be so much fun.
    I'm with Beth. Pep is an old friend from Spaces. I was following her adventures in South Korea over at Spaces not South Korea.

  5. He if so friggin' cute. I would just gobble him up!!

  6. I could see that Man-man gave you such immense joy with his antics.He looks a sprightly child with a large smile writ on his charming face.Lucky for him that you have taken a fancy for this boy.

  7. Hello,

    It is wonderful to have such an adorable child as your godson.He is very cute.God bless him.

  8. He is absolutely delightful! So cute really.

  9. Lil kids are oh so cute!! Have fun you guys


  10. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoyed it and please don't be a stranger :)

    That said, your godson sounds absolutely precious!!! He's at a great age, and it's refreshing to look at the world through their curious and innocent eyes. I hope that this year's Buskerfest is as memorable and fun as last year. I'd love to read all about it!


  11. Your Godson is adorable! Yes, Buskerfest will be so much fun this year :-)
    Thank you for visiting my blog. It is very nice to meet you!

  12. Oh what a cutie he is, so so precious! Sounds like such a fun day. And, that beautiful smile is priceless...reminds me of my grandbaby.

    I’m just coming by to say hi to you and to let you know I’m thinking of you. I hope you’re doing okay.

  13. ohhh he is so sweet and cute :) enjoy him to the fullest :)

  14. Oh what a little cutie love the smile .Sheila

  15. That picture of your little guy is absolutely priceless. You are one very lucky lady to have such a charmer in your life... as he is lucky to have you. Bless you both! May you two have many MANY more Buskerfests.


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