Apr 2, 2011

16 32 KISSES

32 kisses…
32 kisses?
32 kisses will make it right
I had a dream about a boy last night
Begging for 32 kisses
He said 32 kisses will make it right
He didn’t’ ask for one or two
He insisted it had to be 32
He said 32 kisses, only 32 kisses will do
32 kisses?
32 kisses…
Why 32?
Because only 32 kisses will do
But why not one or two?
No its not enough, it has to be 32…
Only 32 kisses will do
You have to, so I know you are true
Hmmmmm…I said after our embrace
Puckering up I planted 32 kisses all over his face
Smiling he counted each kiss out loud
At the last kiss he sighed…saying,
32 kisses is just right
It’s makes everything light
32 kisses,
32 kisses...
Just right



  1. Hi DSB:)

    Lovely poem with 32 kisses. I can see your creative brain churing out such a lovely poem with kisses.

    Three kisses mean-I LOVE YOU.
    Two kisses mean-DO YOU?

    Children come out with so many strange requests.It is amazing how their brain works. Probably this child wants reassurance.

    Have a bright and beautiful day DSB:)

  2. That made me smile.

    Why 32 kisses?

    Nice one. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for your comments as always.

  3. i been getting them 32 kisses……………………mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. hmmm 32 kisses huh……….one for the whole month, seven for each day fo theweek and one for each hr of the day and the last one just in case it was a 31 day month…………

  5. ohh that was so sweet :) :) :) hehehehehe.

  6. That made me smile. :) … Not sure why, but a smile is there.

  7. wow awesome!! hahaha more than enough to make someone feel so special…blessings and thank for that note on my profile.

  8. i suspect someone’s bday else why’d they stop at 32 having gotten going so nice :)

  9. 32 kisses amongst all of us who have visited could be a slobbery mess…32 X 7 = 224Pep’s calculations may have it right 5 X 7 = 35But then maybe 224 would probably be just right.Thank you for checking in on me. You be well too…Greg

  10. 32 kisses sounds mighty fine to me.

  11. How about 5 kisses 32 works out to be (3+2=5). Just being silly.

  12. Beautiful! Thank you very much for being a part of brighter days.

    Bless - nova

  13. I never count how many time kiss in past..
    it was nice dream than nightmare:-)
    Enjoy your day.

  14. I just thought about 32 kiss about the lunch time
    I might give my grand daughter(3 years old)32 kiss.

    What she would say?

  15. It is a sweet poem leaving a plesaant smile


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