Mar 29, 2011

11 Bumped without apology

Ishida by Tite Kebo I don't understand people's refusal to acknowledge when they accidentally hit or bump into someone. One morning I was standing by the bus stop waiting for the bus to go to work chattering with an acquaintance in useless yet amusing chatter bumped by a man walking in the opposite direction. I stood facing south so I could see when the bus was coming when a gentleman walked pass me hitting me on my right shoulder with his shoulder and kept on walking without so much as a sorry. I stopped talking and looked back at the receding back of the man and said loudly, "THANK YOU!" although what I really wanted to do was to snatch his face. He immediately turned around and apologized, "I'm sorry" and resumed walking this time at a faster pace.

Really? Why was it so hard for him to say sorry when he bumped into me at the time he bumped into me? I mean dang the Neanderthal was just walking away ladi-dah unconcerned and unapologetic until I called his attention to his actions. After all the sidewalk does not have WALLS so he must have known that he hit something or someone. For crap sake he hit me had enough to move me so what's up with that?

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