Feb 6, 2011

26 On That Day

EmpowermentOn that day I shall stand firm in my assuredness because I have let go of the ugly things past that anchored my feet in mediocrity, punctured my psyche with false beliefs, affirmations and toxic practices that prevented me from earning my wings and blossoming into the magnificence that is me. I am as I am. I am strong and free, free of your toxicity, free of your negativity. I have vanquished and exorcised your venom from my veins. I am free. I am ME perfectly imperfect and loving it. I have embraced my imperfections. On that day when we stand face to face I will smile triumphantly clothe in confidence, perfumed in excellence immune to your poison. Go ahead spew, try to wreak your carnage, vomit your acidity and witness it roll off me because, it has no impact. I am free, free and happy to be me. On that day when life brings me full circle and we stand face to face I will smile with my head held high and glide right pass your pettiness. On that day. On that day. I shall smile as I am smiling now.


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