Feb 2, 2011

8 Busy Eclectic Day

Today I was granted the privilege by my boss to work from home due to the snow storm. SAM_0152The morning was grey, no that’s not true it was actually white, visibility was poor and the buses ran just as poorly.  My balcony is filled with snow and it was and is snowing shovels. The ability to work from home is wonderful and yet grueling because you have to work harder to keep on top of things and make sure everything runs smoothly. So my day today was busy and eclectic. I started my day earlier (7:30 am) than my regular 9:00 am because I knew from checking the pones the night before that there were a ton of work waiting for me to attend to. The first three hours when by in a blur but by 10 am I was forced to take a break by SAM_0155the demands of my stomach.

I ran upstairs to grab a quick bite however to my chagrin my refrigerator is bare, no bread, no fruit, no eggs nothing, all that stared back at  me was one third cup of ice tea I made and one bite of left over chicken and some butter. There was no quick easy fit. To hold my stomach just a bit I pacified it with the bite size piece of chicken and warmed and drank the tea. I had to get proactive quickly as time was of the essence. I surveyed my supplies; flour, natural bran, a quarter pound of butter, sardines, a seasoned chicken, lentil peas and of course lots of tea of varying blends. I resolved myself with creating some real sustenance. Blending the flour, bran, a pinch of salt, baking powder, half a teaspoon of sugar and some water SAM_0162I kneaded the flour and set the dough to yield a little separating one small ball to roast.  Next I put the chicken in a glass casserole dish, covered it and stuck it in the oven on low to slow cook and returned to work with a self-satisfied smile thinking how fantastic it is to be able to cook almost like a magician I can create something from what seem like nothing.  After contracting out some work and confirming booked requests with Agencies I returned to make my bake (its a flat bread cooked ‘roasted’ on the stove top). It was now twelve noon. I took my vitamins, grated some cheese in my bake, check the chicken in the oven then and relaxed and enjoy my bake, this was my lunch break. I got up and checked outside it was still snowing and my balcony door was frozen shut.


SAM_0151 SAM_0153 

SAM_0156SAM_0158Before continuing my break I checked phone lines again to make sure there were no  emergencies even though I was on a lunch break. I watered my plants admiring them. My two biggest ones are blooming beautifully. I have to groom them though too many dry leave hanger-bouts. I looked across the opposite side of the room and saw the Christmas Tree still up all lit staring at me as if to the say, “hey aren’t you forgetting something?” I thought to myself, ‘yeah, yeah, I’ll get to yah when I get to yah.’

Before going back to work I put on the lentil peas to cook using the sauce from the oven steamed chicken along with some basmati rice and lowered the burners under the pots. My sister stopped by in time for supper, she elected to take it to go and I sat and enjoyed my meal of steamed chicken, basmati rice, lentil peas and broccoli. It was six pm, I put up my feet and turn on the YOUNG and the RESTLESS, second time watching after a self-imposed three months hiatus. Sometimes it gets too predictable hence boring so I take a break long enough to miss some stuff so that I’d be interesting. 



  1. Well done Rhapsody! You have had prodctive day
    for works and I like that your healthy way of your meals.
    I will get copy from yours:-)

    Your plants are doing well that you had talked them everyday....
    The Christmas tree in winter's weather though leaves alone till the spring time? ha ha ha

    Keeps warm my friend,

  2. It is a bonus if you can work from home. I can't but that's ok. I feel like if I can make it through all that crap on the ground I've already accomplished something. Still I would rather be hanging around the house staring out the window at the serene white scene that is the back yard.

  3. After a quick bite of a piece of chiken and tea at 10am,you had your supper after a gap of eight long hours at 6pm there being no lunch in between.You need to stuff your fridge with all things particularly in snow days.
    I thought working from home means some leisurely thing but you seemed to have put in longer hours!
    I have never seen snow the pictures look very nice

  4. Aha! Another Y&R fan. What do you think of Cane being shot? I read in the TV Guide that the actor had been let go from the show and his funeral will be mid Feb.
    Next question. Can I come and eat with you???

  5. Wow, I like the new look of your blog and this is a great post. Happy New month and keep warm!

  6. Girl, you get way too much done in one day!
    I laughed at your self-imposed hiatus from Y&R. I did the same thing with General Hospital. It was ruling my life. I'd go to bed wondering why Sonny and Brenda could not just live happily ever after already!
    You're terrific girl, and your soul is as authentic as they come! Thank you for that and for your comment on my blog.

  7. A typical office environment is noisy, people are talking, phones are ringing, co-workers are coming by to chat, and there are always crowds near the coffee and soda machines. At home, these distractions are not going to be present and makes me envious of those that can work from home from time to time. My biggest problem would be trying to stay focus on work and not the TV... bed... etc. Then again, I have no idea where I would park my rig/firetruck. :) Still, it sounds like you had a good day, despite all the snow. Here's hoping that nicer weather is around the corner for you.

  8. It sounds like a good day working from home, especially with all that snow outside. The last bit made me LOL the Xmas tree. You are a dab hand in the kitchen , making things up as you go sounds yummy. Best Wishes Sheila.


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