Jan 24, 2011

8 Sunday Dinner, Cold Day

homemade rotisseri chicken (1)

Sunday we saw a minus thirty-six (-36) degree whether. It snowed all day and the wind blew fiercely. I had no intentions of going outside so I followed my example of the day before but instead of baking a cake I baked chicken. I had invited a couple of friends over for dinner but was not surprised when they called and cancelled. In fact one was not well, a sinus cold, not fun trust me I’ve had those. It feels like someone is punching you in the face at a nonstop pace while your eyes pulsates. Yuck, like I said, no fun. If I rotisserie chicken finishdidn’t want to go outside in that mega size refrigerator why would they? It was all good. I was not angry. I understood, it was simply too crazy cold out plus I plan to do the friends over for dinner another time. I went ahead with cooking my meal although I scale back quite a bit. I cooked two rotisserie chicken, I figure it will last me the week, one was curried/turmeric seasoned with garlic, gloves and other spices and the other was tandoori. The different flavors helps to break up the blandness of eating the same dish homemade rotisseri chickeneveryday. I also baked a few pieces of lamb. For the sides dishes I cooked corn, spinach mixed with mathi, steamed broccoli and opened up a small can of red kidney beans. This will last up until my daughter returns then she will devour it all and then say, “mommy what’s to eat?”.

homemade rotisseri chicken (2)

rotisserie chicken finish (2) 

Today for lunch I took lamb, red kidney beans and broccoli. I ate half and refrigerated the other half for tomorrow. I will also take some of my spinach methi and some corn to add to the little piece of lamb and broccoli. When I came home I ate a piece of tandoori and one piece of curry/turmeric, for dessert I had a slice of my sponge cake.

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