Sep 30, 2010

4 Introspection

Sometimes the most difficult decisions are usually the right ones, and avoidance though seemingly easier and unwise feels like the best solution even in the face of the inevitable.



  1. Is avoidance sometimes of the right and difficult decision, the best decision? Yes,what is right may not be the best. A tricky situation indeed.

  2. I tryed took time to my dicisions especially I need to sign in the documents:-)
    In the past I had made mistaken to sign the peace of paper.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  3. Dear Friend,
    Good Evening!
    I can relate to the thought so well.Yeah,it is so difficult to take the decision.And I know it's the right one.But it is painful.
    Wishing you a beautiful night,

  4. Hello greetings:)

    You are absolutely right.

    Very often we take the easy way out and refrain from taking the difficult decisions although we know that is the only right solution.We always prefer the easy way out and in the process complicate matters and make our life more difficult.

    Very interesting post.

    Have a nice day:)


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