Sep 17, 2010

5 The Bata Shoe Museum & The Royal Ontario Museum

The Bata Shoe Museum (BSM) established since 1940 has some of the most outrageous and funky shoes you can ever imagine.  In fact BSM they have more than 10, 000 shoes.  Located near the intersection of Bloor and St. George at 327 Bloor St. West in downtown Toronto Canada, it is near the St. George and Spadina subway transit line. It is conveniently located as one would say "A hop, a skip and a jump away". If you ever in Toronto, check it out, see what the world's creative minds has come up with in way of footwear..
Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) established since March 19, 1914 the ROM has been providing art for art lovers to enjoy for almost a century. Located 100 Queen’s Park  in Toronto (T.O) it is one of the places to visit while in T.O.


  1. Seems an interesting museum with its odd pieces on display

  2. Hello greetings:)

    Very interesting museums and the shoes that are displayed look very strange.Perhaps it gives us an idea of how the shoes evolved over a period of time.

    I do not understand how Bata chose to have a museum in Toronto.Is it their head office?

    Both the museusms look modern although they date back many decades.

    Bata is a big shoe company in India also.I remember going to Bata shoe company when I was young with my father and buying shoes there.

    I have been watching the share prices of Bata going up and up although I did not invest in them.I should have invested some money there.But I always make the wrong decisions as far as investment in share are concerned.I have no patience and I exit the shares as soon as the prices go down a little.It is a bad investment policy.

    OH, I am going of in a different direction altogether:)

  3. Well it appears you are on Blogger as well! That's great. I love the look of your blog!
    None of those shoes could have been very comfortable.

  4. Bata is sure a popular brand in India.. now though, there are many competitors n they’re not as widely used as earlier when they were nearly a monopoly out here.

  5. OMG, I remember Bata shoes as a child! Remember we used to call it Bata bullet? Kids wearing Bata was always in for a good teasing for wearing a "bata bullet". But why did I always have the feeling that bata was from India?


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