Aug 30, 2010

4 Building in Toronto along College & Yonge

The Tutti Frutti Building Southeast side of Carlton & Yonge
Building on College & Bay Northeast Corner
Looking South on Yonge street from College & Yonge
Facing East on Carlton & Yonge
Starbucks Northwest Corner of College & Yonge
College Park Building houses many stores, Winners, Metro grocery store,
TD Bank, Tim Hortons etc., including the Domestic Violence Courts
Yonge Street is considered the longest street in Ontario. In fact it was in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest street in the world. Whether or not that is still holds true I have no idea. Yonge street kind of serves like an artery to many popular places like the Eaton Center, Dundas-Square, Hockey Hall of fame, some parts of the theatre district etc, and has accessibility to the Toronto Transit Subway system throught its major intersections (Bloor, Wellesley, College, Dundas, Queen, King, Union etc.,), so one need not fear if they walk along Yonge street how they would find a subway. This particular juncture Yonge & College, it should really be called Yonge, College/Carlton. Allow me to explain. Yonge street divides East and West. West of Yonge is College hence College & Yonge. East of Yonge is Carlton hence Carlton & Yonge. People often get confused by the distinction.
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