Jul 12, 2009

25 Monkey See Monkey Do

Monkey see monkey do
Cosmetic surgery recipients look like dodo
Vanity eclipse the intellect
It’s now ok to look like a shipwreck
A little snip here
A little snip there
It’s all alright
As boundaries disappear
Even altering everything inside the underwear
Butt implants
Penile implants
Its official
Everything preferred is artificial
All hale to the superficial
Like bees they move in droves
Botulinum toxins
Instead of weed
Instead of speed
Freebasing all things plastic
Brings a new breed
A new affliction
Plastic addiction
Plaguing the psyche
Akin to a mental lobotomy
Of dysmorphic quality
Monkey see
Monkey do
And do
And do
And do



  1. Absolutely! How sad is it that this is so true, people don't even look like the same people anymore! This was a great poem, but a sad subject!

  2. How true and how forcefully conveyed.Do you think things will change.Monkey see,monkey do will continue,it seems

  3. Hi:)


    What a wonderful poem shaped in the form of drill. Amazing talent, fantastic creativity. I salute you.

    The message is loud and clear. But how many will heed to your cry in the wilderness? Plastic surgeons are minting money. There are any number of people who want to look beautiful, attractive, voluptuous. They will spend any amount of money for this purpose.

    Appearance makes all the difference although it is said APPEARANCES ARE DECEPTIVE. Ask the actors and actresses, ask the entertainers, ask people in the higher echelons of society or even ask a plain looking man and woman. They will do anything to improve their looks.

    Many stand in front of the mirror and wish they looked like this and they looked like that etc. etc. For them all the remedies you have listed will become handy and useful.

    But you have driven home your point with that drill shaped poem.

    Have a bright and beautiful day:)

  4. its been goin on and will continue. ca we just poem about it and forget?

  5. Hi Rhapsody,

    Lovely poem.



  6. Aaaahhhhh, yea! You got that right. Seems like nothing God gave us is good enough, always wanting to have what somebody else has. The person they're copying is probably as miserable as they are...wishing they had something else too.

    Arrrrggghhh, go figure.

  7. Nice poem. As long as the likes of MJ exist in this world,thoroughly disappointed, dismayed, disillusioned about their looks,cosmetic surgeons will thrive cutting, chopping, snipping,planting............

  8. Hello
    Sorry for a late visit.
    Very unique subject and very nicely expressed.People are not satisfied with God's gifts and alter them artificially and hence face the consequences.
    Very Interesting.

  9. haha thats a humor filled one, but one that makes all sit back n think for a while ...

  10. I was taken by surprise over the cleverness of this poem. I think it is very good and so true. I am afraid Michael Jackson may have doomed himself to painkillers with his addiction to doctors carving up his face until it got past being anything but kind of horrifying.

  11. Great post. It's so true, people are always trying to change themselves, never being satisfied with what the Lord provided them with. Each is special in his or her own way. So sad people don't recognize this.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    krissy knox :)
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  12. Submitted on 2009/07/21 at 5:43 PM
    Good afternoon Rap…I put some hot chocolate in my coffee this morning. My cup has been a reliable one since my days in Oregon…Either a purple or orange ‘Rain Forest Café’ cup.I guess it kind of fits for me…Usually up to some sort of monkey business.Have a smooth week…Greg

  13. Submitted on 2009/07/17 at 5:33 AM
    I agree with Diane. If only they could fill those voids…maybe if they concentrated on helping someone in need they’d forget about how they look. If they truly gave of themselves to someone else, they wouldn’t have time to spend so much energy concentrating on looking like Barbie.

  14. Submitted on 2009/07/16 at 4:27 AM
    my opinion is that people have so many emptyness or vacuum in their hearts, in their lives so the only thing they feel can fill that emptyness is the false desire to physical perfection ,, perfect breasts, nose, skin, tummy, i havent heard someone who’s felt much better for so long after being operated, coz the 1st operation leads to the 2nd, 3rd later on there is no natural thing to see, all is gone.when you truly love,accept and approve of yourself the way you are,, there are a hell of things you dont do.

  15. Submitted on 2009/07/15 at 10:34 AM
    You will have a better looking if succeed, if failed you will stick with the nightmare in your whole life. A lot of pretty girls were dissatisfied with their "beautiful" features and "not bad" figures, so they went for surgery. How many of them are successful? What if worst than before, is it worth!? Dear Rhap, have a nice week

  16. We have "Orange" people here in OHIO….People that go to the tanning salon and apparently either stay too long or use the wrong tanning lotions….The really look rather strange……

  17. it’s hard to decipher what is too far? ok major comestic surgery to look better to feel better is a one end of the scale whilst at he other is the couch potato who can’t be bothered shaving LOl bhappi~x~

  18. It is getting ridiculous and shows like extreme makeover doesn’t help either.

  19. True girl, so well written. Once you start you just can’t stop, it gets addictive. The same thing happens to tattoo lovers – once you’ve had one you can’t stop ’til you entire body is covered in ink! It’s only getting worst.Have a wonderful week!

  20. Submitted on 2009/07/13 at 3:30 PM
    Good Monday Fab…Yes…After all my ranting on my last WLS entry, I opened a Twitter site. I chuckled at how you expressed how I was seduced by Twitter.You will be next to be seduced by that little bird because of the way you have with words.You know…You are right…I was looking closely at a commercial done by Joan Rivers last evening and thought to myself, “Oh My!” I wonder if your face gets heavy with all that botox.Have an excellent week…GregPS – I have a notepad ready to post on Blog Quest but I’m trying to decide if my silliness ties into Godliness. Surely, God must sometimes shake His head at me. But you know what? God and fun are not polar opposites as religion and this world portrays.I’m going to hang out for awhile and listen to what Michael has left for us in this world (Grabbing my headphones).

  21. Artificial humans are probably just a few decades away :)

  22. Hmmmmmm … yes … I don’t know why people do it and why they go too far … they probably think that everything will be perfect than … and some years later … ups … but it’s too late than

  23. The last and greatest testament of vanity is the typical wake comment, "oh but don’t they look good!" It makes me go Hmmmmm!Good poetry Ms Rhapsody.j

  24. Wow. This post wore me out. Great job!


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