Jul 19, 2009

21 Children are a delight

Sitting on the train going home after a long busy day at the office, I was humming to myself trying to relax away the stress of the day when a young woman of African descent entered with her son. He was the cutest little person. He had short tuff of soft curly black hair, his skin the color of smooth milk chocolate, and the most delightful black eyes. They sat directly across from me on the three seater. The mother put the little boy who hopped up and sat with his feet sticking straight out to her right and she sat in the middle seat next to him, she asked if he was comfortable, he nodded yes and sat back playing with himself making sounds and playful dialog. He made eye contact with me, squeezed his lips tightly together and sent me a kiss. I smiled and mouthed ‘thank you’, he smiled back and rapidly lifted his eyebrows twice as if to say ‘you’re welcome’, the same time his mother looked at him and said, “are you sending her kisses?” he shyly buried his face in her right arm and shook his head no but as soon as the mother looked away, he sent me another kiss smiling coyly and I thought, ‘what a charmer’. This time though his mother caught him and he looked up at her with an angelic smile on his handsome face and started kissing her right arm as if to say mommy you have all my love. I simply laughed to myself thinking ‘what an enchanting child’.

A few moments into the ride the mother searched around in her bag and pulled out a MP3 player, untangled the earphones placing one in her ear and the other in the little boys. She started shaking her shoulder and bopping her head back and forth and her son mimicked her. They both were bopping and shaking making a wonderful mother/son picture when the little boy (charmer) raised his hands moving his little body side to side and looking at me smiling as if to say oh the music sweet. He soon grew bored of the music and played a little with himself then he started sending me more kisses again. This time the mother watched him with an amused look on her face. She looked at me and smiled. I asked her, is he three years old? She answered yes. At this point the little boy started pulling at his pants saying ‘it’s gone, I lost it, it’s gone’. The mother searched around and on the seat between them was a toy laser light, she picked it up and gave it to him with instructions to put it into his pocket he would not lose it. He had trouble putting the laser into his pants pocket because he was lifting his t-shirt to see the pocket when the mom asked him "why are you taking off your clothes"? He looked at her indignantly and said, "I am not taking off my clothes, I can’t find the pocket". She asked him for the laser, located the pocket in his khaki shorts, showed him where it was, how to lift the Velcro closure, put the laser in and how to secure it by sealing it tight so as not to lose the toy. He looked at her, smiled and kissed her right arm, then her lips and said, ‘thank you mommy’. They got off at the next stop and as he exited the trained he looked back at me, smiled and threw me a kiss goodbye and I thought, ‘that kid is easy to love’. I smiled all the way home thinking of him all the way and praying to the Divine that his sweetness remains no matter what life throws at him.

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