Nov 17, 2012

46 Worry - A heavy load

When unexpected things happen that we cannot immediately fix or have to wait through a successions of tasks before things can even out or be amended we worry.

If we are living hand to mouth, pay cheque to pay cheque and have to carefully stay within the parameters of a tight almost impossible budget, always having to strategically determine the priority (most important to what can wait a bit) in which to pay our bills, we worry.

When unexpected expenses occurs that was not budgeted for or is way above our means and ability to pay because there is little to no savings to draw from, we worry.

Sometimes in life the wisest course of action is to take things one day at a time and try not worry, operative word “try” (easier said than done I know) because worrying really does not help; what it does is adds to the problem, it perpetuates negative stress levels and make coping unbearable. Worrying is not a proactive solution, it offers no resolutions. Think of it this way…

If worrying about a particular situation or circumstance is not contributing positively, making things better, helping make the load easier to carry or supporting you in remaining healthy and strong so that you are able to face whatever there is to come, then what’s the point of worry? "Let It Go". Unless of course worrying puts money in your bank account, clothes on your back, pays the rent/mortgage, puts food on the table, takes you to and from work, assist with childcare and mows the lawn all without your assistance …then by all means, worry! If not, then, let it go.

Worrying is an unproductive self-deprecating waste of time and good energy that does nothing to foster self-confidence, good will or hope.

Mindfulness Thought…

When faced with what feels like insurmountable challenges in your life, first things first, breathe! Take some deep breaths from the diaphragm to center yourself and counter the panic racing through your mind and threatening to overtake your body. Most of all, think. Be proactive, ask yourself these questions:

  • what are the things that are in my control?
    • What can i proactively do about the things that are within my control, to make things better, minimize the fallout/damage, to salvage anything salvageable?

What are the things that are not within my control?

  • How do I set in place healthy coping mechanisms that minimize my stress levels and support me staying emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy and positive through this process?

Sometimes coping maybe mean taking it day to day, one day at a time, hour at a time, one moment at a time. It may mean asking for assistance where you would not have ask for help. The key  is to be proactive and take care of yourself inside out/outside in. No one said it would be easy but no one said it would be hard either. You choose which it would be for you.

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Repost, first published June 1, 2009

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