Apr 8, 2009


Success is malleable
It is definable and infinitely re-definable
It is moldable from second to minute,
Hours to days,
Months to years
It is baby steps and giant leaps,
It is hope cocooned in despair
Courage wrapped in fear
It is the ability to laugh in the face of adversity,
To rise up when you feel like giving up,
To Smile when there is no reason to smile
To move where once you could not or would not move
It is progress out of immobilization
Wisdom in the face of ignorance
Knowledge in the presents of misunderstanding
Comprehension in midst of confusion
Success is transformatively flexible
Shaping into every context
Suitable to all that dare to define it unapologetically



  1. Awesomely beautiful, from beginning to end. I absolutely love this ... "To rise up when you feel like giving up,

    To Smile when there is no reason to smile

    To move where once you could not or would not move

    It is progress out of immobilization..."

    The wise words sum up my journey - to success. Thanks for putting it so eloquently.

  2. Beautiful words. Excellent post.
    Beth Marie

  3. You're very talented! Extremely talented 'cause you got me to come over just by describing the chocolate you like. LOL

  4. Wow! As I read through this again I realize that, along with genuine love of course, this is also the secret to a happy marriage and family.

    Happy Easter to you and yours and thank you for the inspiration.

  5. seasons's greetings ...

    looks like a wonderful easter message to me ...
    happy Easter

  6. Hmmm.. you've done a good job!
    love it! can i have copy of it. It's inspiring.

  7. I like your thoughts on Success :)>

  8. I like your thought... happy Easter.

  9. thanks for the comment rhaps...whoever you are!

  10. Hi, Rhapsody!
    Thank you for sharing this! Great words! The way I see it, success is a question of believing in yourself.
    Happy Easter!

  11. Beautiful words, lovely thoughts, reassuring words of encouragement!

    So very profound and useable in every context ... Wisdom, Knowledge, Comprehension, definable and infinitely definable - adaptable to each individual circumstances - as we move through the stages of life ...

    Thanks for sharing those words!

  12. Love it! Great wisdom and encouragement!

  13. One way I measure success, can I truthfully say I gave my best?

  14. So nicely and rightly said.I don't know how i missed it.Thanks for drawing my attention to this wonderful post

  15. The truth and nothing but the truth!

    1. and i can handle the truth! haha...
      thanks for coming and sharing. much appreciated.

  16. WORD. I love this. :) Blast From the Past Rhapsody.. :)

  17. WORD. Blast From the past Rhapsody.. :)

    1. haha, you say that like you so old and i sure you are not hehehe...

      how are you Darling?


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