Dec 31, 2008

2 Hope - Looking Forward

One definition of Hope is looking forward with desire and reasonable confidence. Definately a description I can relate to....

As we close and say goodbye to one year and joyously welcome in the new there are a few things we should consider:
  • Harmony – synchronicity, living in balance by attending equally to all our needs, physical, spiritual, emotional, financial and psychological.
  • Ownership – "I am my keeper", taking responsibility for actions, words, deeds and attitudes that are a reflection of our thoughts. Your happiness is your responsibility; own it and you will be victorious.
  • Persistent – "never say die", never surrendering to despair, living life with confidence, learning from mistakes and poor judgments, listening and paying attention to wisdom, forgiving ourselves our humanness and moving forward with Grace and Light.
  • Endurance –“Life goes on and so must we”, live a courageous life understanding that bravery is not birthed in the absence of fear but in the presence of it. Be buoyant, loving sensibly being mindful to always to be true to self.

**Happy New Year**
I wish you joy, happiness & peace.


  1. Aaawww man, this is so powerful. And, the perfect piece to close one year and begin another. I will definitely be revisiting this often.

    Thanks for sharing this, it's right on time for me.

  2. You're soooo right! HOPE is good! Happy New Year!!!! 2009 Breakout Time!


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