Dec 23, 2008

2 Double Double, Bundle Bundle

This winter is shaping up to be reminiscence of winters of old. The cold is bitter and the wind fierce. Sunday was beastly as the wind felt like it was taking little bites out of you and slicing your skin.

Monday was a little better but not much, armed with the memories of the day before I doubled up on everything, double pants, double socks, double sweat tops, double headgear plus my scarf, and double gloves and I completed the bundled effect by utilizing the hood of my coat. I walked with a slow shuffle gait carefully maneuvering the mountains of snow curtesy of the snow plows that plie it high at the side walk after clearing the streets.

Today was definitely an instant replay of double double only I forgot my gloves in my hurry to get out the door and too work what a mistake, one i will pay for darely later on. Whew…..getting to work consisted of slow gait in snow covered areas and brisk walking clearer areas with my sweater and coat sleeves pulled down over my wrists to keep my hands warm.

There is a storm warning out for tomorrow (Wednesday) Christmas Eve, I will not be going outside willingly, today I will ask my boss if I can work from home tomorrow as our office closes early and I don’t want to be stuck in traffic battling a storm only to be in the office for a measly few hours. I can easily do that from the comfort of my home and not have to worry about braving the frigid weather and climbing over mounds of snow to use public transportation (not my idea of fun). Perhaps the Lord will smile on me and my boss will say YES!


  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the boss agreeing that you work at home. All that snow does not sound like my idea of fun, and trudging through it to work is even less so.

    Your double double saga brings back memories of childhood when we had to double bundle, it was fun as a child and we didn't even have any snow.

  2. i guess snow experiences are both good and bad. :) to our surprise, it snowed in houston 2 weeks back but it just a flurry. :)

    going to work in snow must be tough! good if you get to work from home on some days!

    Merry Christmas!


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