May 3, 2024


Everyone you meet, young or old woman, child, cisgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, non-binary, all have the right to be respected and to have self-governance. Yeah, I know, you're probably stuck on "child". You will be surprised to know even children can communicate when they are uncomfortable. When the are too small to speak, they use their cries to convey discomfort. 

Simply put, everyone has the right to choose, who they want in their lives, to share a little, to share a lot or nothing about themselves with you. The degree is is not a determinant of your value or worth. Rather, it is about their personal choice to share or not to share. To set boundaries and parameters of comfort. In point, the same rights allotted to you. 

The truth is, we should All have boundaries that determine the depth and width of our relationships. Healthy Boundaries is a great thing.  Each of us needs to know what is and is not okay with the people in our lives. 

Boundaries teaches us the importance of our value and when conveyed to others, it teaches and establishes to the self and to others, what is acceptable, what is not acceptable, what will and will not be tolerated and how we want to be treated. 

Written by D.S.B.S Rhapsodyphoenix
©D.S.B.S Rhapsodyphoenix

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